How often do you take your kid(s) out with a stroller? Whether it’s to exercise, run an errand, or get some fresh air, these moments are important. Unfortunately, rain can totally ruin these much-needed opportunities, making day-to-day momming pretty difficult. That’s why every modern mom needs the ease of a hands-free umbrella.


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As a stay at home mom, dealing with crazy weather is tough. It’s vital for my son and me to get out of the house, so much so that I’ll brave the rain to escape the monotony of the indoors (and by monotony I mean destruction!).

What did I find? Well, while my son was all warm, cozy, and dry in his stroller, I was either wet or juggling a huge umbrella and pushing him at the same time. I figured there had to be an easier way for both of us to enjoy these walks and errands, and I was right.

Introducing the Bumbershoot from My Blue Bumbershoot: the first hands-free stroller umbrella of its kind. When I heard about this product, I knew that A. I had to try it and B. this would be the exact thing my readers would be interested in having. Why? Because, we’re all about convenience and finding an easier way to mom smart, not hard.

How Does the Bumbershoot Work?

The hands-free umbrella works by clipping and securing to the handlebar of your stroller with a clampdown mechanism.

After fastening, all you have to do is adjust the umbrella to an angle and height that works for you.

I found it super easy to set-up with my City Mini GT Baby Jogger Stroller. The Bumbershoot didn’t feel like it was slipping down or moving around as I was walking either.

Cool Features of the Bumbershoot

Firstly, this hands-free umbrella chauffer is super lightweight, which is awesome.

Secondly, the umbrella is so adjustable that it would fit on any stroller’s handlebar.

Thirdly, the size of the umbrella is large enough to keep mama dry.

Lastly, and pretty important, it’s easy to use!

I experienced all of the above, during the numerous walks I’ve had in the rain with my son. I loved that I was able to enjoy the rainy day, have full use of my spare hand while walking, and didn’t have to reapply my mascara afterwards.

Why Does the Modern Mom Need This?

If I had a dollar for every time my own mother made fun of me for some mom-related product I owned, I’d be rich. But if I had a dollar for every time she later says she wished she had that when she was raising me, I’d be even richer. That’s because the modern mom is all about making her life easier and a Bumbershoot hands-free umbrella helps to do just that.

The modern mom needs this hands-free umbrella to be able to control a rainy day, rather than let it control her.

I’ve used mine for our daily walks that both my son and I cherish so much together. On one of the days, I had a playdate planned and loved that I didn’t have to worry about my hair or make-up getting ruined in the rain. Mama’s gotta look her best when she can, right?

Unfortunately, where I live in Arizona, no errand is within walking distance, but if you live in a bigger city, this hands-free umbrella will allow you to still conduct business as usual while taking care of your child or children.

Not to mention, you can still text and push the stroller since you don’t need to actually hold an umbrella while pushing babe.


The perfect hands-free addition to any stroller.

The Hands-Free Umbrella In a Nutshell

This product is definitely one of the most unique, creative, and practical modern mom products I’ve experienced.

I love that the Bumbershoot is easy to use, perfectly designed, and creates a hands-free umbrella situation for me.

If you would rather embrace the rain, then run from it, check out the Bumbershoot website here.

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