Don’t know what to register for? Google it.  Need more diapers? Prime it.  Nursery design ideas? Pin it. Got questions? Post it….Let’s face it, whether you’re pregnant, preparing for baby, or surviving as a new mom, the internet is raising your baby.

Why is that?  Because, if you’re like me, you’re a modern mom and this child is a new kind of child being raised in a world of seemingly infinite possibilities.

But is being a parent in the modern age always as easy as a click of a button?

Just becoming a mom in August 2016, I quickly found myself in a global universe of TMI.

I was reading reviews on a million different products before picking one.  I was downloading books on on how to raise a child that hadn’t even shown up yet.  And, soon after becoming a mom, I found myself comparing my new life with every other mom on social media, all the while ensuring I picked the best filter and angles to do so.

Real Time Mom was created to address the plight of the  mom who has everything at her fingertips… and, that seems to be just the problem.

After experiencing an obsessive and slightly neurotic preparation for my newborn and living through first-time motherhood with my BFFs, Google & Amazon, I wanted to create a place where moms like me could receive the help and support they need while raising a child in the modern age.

From pregnancy to registries to raising an infant child, Real Time Mom is backed by way too many hours of reading, researching, reviewing, buying, trying, and, of course, firsthand experience from a mom like you!

I am excited to bring my real time, momhood guide to life, complete with my favorite products for before and after pregnancy, learned tips and tricks for assistance in baby world, and my relatable and downright laughable accounts of being a new parent.

Momming is just a click away, so enjoy!

Super obligatory photo of my family, in the desert, looking as natural as possible.