Pre-Baby Nancy vacationing in Guatemala and looking so well rested!

Nancy Fulkerson was born and raised in Southern California.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Education at Arizona State University in 2009.  After meeting her now husband, Taylor, Nancy made the official move from the beach to the desert in Phoenix, Arizona.  She later attended the University of Southern California, earning her Master’s Degree in Education in 2011.  After several years of living and teaching middle school in Phoenix, Taylor and Nancy moved to Tucson, Arizona for her husband’s work.  She continued to teach middle school and even gave 4th grade a try.

In 2016, Nancy gave birth to their first child, Remy.  Following his birth, Nancy decided to take some time away from the classroom in order to be at home with her new baby.  Although she misses helping her students on a daily basis, she is looking forward to bringing her teaching techniques and relatable humor to her blog in order to assist new moms with the everyday struggle of raising a child in our ever-changing world.  Trust her, if she can teach 150 fourth graders how to write an argumentative historical essay, complete with citations from informative text, she can really do anything!

Nancy loves to research and has used those skills to “raise her child”. She finds joy in scouring the internet to answer questions she has about her baby, try new techniques at home, and read reviews to find the best product out there accompanied with the best deal.  Nancy is known for giving her honest opinion about items she has used, and sometimes that honesty can be pretty blunt.  She wants to ensure others can learn from her successes and failures in Momland.

                                                 Momming can be as fabulous as you want it to be!