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You’re ready to start nesting, and I’m sure one of your top priorities is decorating that future baby’s room!  Unfortunately, staring at all that blank wall space and brainstorming nursery decor ideas can make this seemingly fun task, quite overwhelming. Where do you even begin?

You want the room to be both warm and comfortable for your baby, but also ready for the world of social media, worthy of future snaps, posts, and shares!

So, how can you add design flair to your baby’s empty walls without needing to hire a professional?

Here to the rescue are some chic and stylish nursery decor ideas that will fill-up that wall space in your child’s room… no filter required!

1. Add an Accent Wall

Large walls are daunting! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone by painting an accent wall. Picking a bold color can quickly give the room depth and warmth while keeping things super modish.


Your nursery decor ideas should include a fun accent wall!

But, where do you even start with choosing a color worthy of that much space?

Try downloading the helpful Home Depot and Lowes paint apps.  All you have to do is take a picture of the room you are decorating, then virtually apply the paint colors the retailers have available in store.

I love that the apps allow you to experiment with fun and interesting colors, without the hassle of having to paint over it later!

Another way to narrow down a wall color is to find an inspiring muse, just like an artist.  A muse can be a pillow, print, book, an interesting object… really anything you think is cool that you may want to incorporate into your room.

Although I did not include these in the room, I used a pair of pants to help me choose the colors for our nursery.  Remember, I said anything!

Found some colors, but still can’t decide?

Take pictures of the paint samples on the wall at different times of the day and text them to friends and family for a vote.  It’s a fun way to get others involved in your decorating process, and will help you make your final selection!

2. Use Different Mirrors

Want a really easy way to cover that wall space?  Create a collage using mirrors of various sizes, colors, and styles. Buy some larger mirrors first, to quickly fill the space, then add smaller mirrors to complete your collage, if needed.


Using different mirrors is one of my favorite nursery decor ideas!

I found some great quality mirrors at affordable prices at Walmart and Etsy.

The collage will be both creative and practical, as your baby will love looking at their reflection every opportunity they have. Trust me, watching them smile and laugh at themselves never gets old, even when changing your millionth dirty diaper!

Follow this to find the white mirror from the photo sold at Walmart. I bought two different sizes, 14 x 14 and 18 x 22, and saved myself some money by purchasing them together!


3. Mix & Match Prints & Frames

Larger and smaller prints can be used to create a photo collage, mixed and matched with mirrors, or can stand on their own to give some personality to your nursery.

Here’s where Etsy comes in handy for nursery decor ideas.  On Etsy there are tons of great stores with some good deals and possibilities for customization.  Also, when you shop from one seller, it’s easier to stick with a particular vibe for your room.


Nursery decor ideas with a personality are a must for your baby’s room!

With so many styles to choose from, I found it important to incorporate quotes, images, and sayings that held personal meaning to me, that I would one day want to share with my child!

A particular Etsy store that I loved is called The Print Annex.  This seller creates beautiful nursery art and offers great deals such as buy one print, get one free!  I purchased a Dr. Seuss themed “Oh the Places You’ll Go” print and a Beatles themed “Here Comes the Sun” print.

For a simple way to fill-up space, try buying three to four similar prints and hanging them side by side one another on the accent wall you created.  What a way to make that color pop, while bringing attention to your choice of pictures!


Buy three similar pictures to hang side by side each other on your accent wall as one of your nursery decor ideas.

For my walls, I stuck with larger prints, typically ordering 8 x 10s and larger, then later went back for smaller prints where needed.

Where to Buy Good Frames?

One issue I need to warn you about when buying prints are that you do have to find frames for them.  The frames you want can be tricky to locate and really start to add up, depending on the number of pictures you are using.

I purchased frames from Walmart, Target, and Get Smart Products.  After scouring different websites, these three retailers had the best prices. If you purchase from Get Smart Products, they offer quantity discounts, which is helpful if you are creating a collage! Here are the ones I ordered.

You can follow these links to find the woodland creatures prints and frames found in the picture!  I get complimented on images all the time and love how many there are to choose from.

nursery decor ideas

4. Use Your Baby’s Books As Decor

Book ledges are a cool way to add color and creativity to your nursery decor, without too much hassle.

It’s amazing how children’s books can be wall decor you won’t have to buy yourself, as many will be gifts from baby showers!nursery-decor-ideas-6

I found ledges available at Ikea and Target, but eventually ordered some more customizable ledges from an Etsy store. Pictured are the ledges I purchased.  On Etsy, there are tons of sellers to choose from depending on the size and style you’re looking for! Follow this link if you’re interested in checking out the ones I bought!

Nursery Decor Ideas & The Bottomline

Preparing to be a new mom and an interior decorator is a lot of work.  Painting an accent wall, creating a collage of mirrors and prints, and installing book ledges are fun nursery decor ideas that will add a pop to any child’s room walls.

Which nursery decor ideas are you going to try out in your baby’s room? Comment below with a picture of how you used these quick tips in your nursery!

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nursery decor ideas