As a modern mom, I’m sure you already use Amazon Prime, but are you also utilizing the Amazon Subscribe and Save store? If not, you could be simplifying your life and saving money too!

Obviously, you don’t want to subscribe to a service without fully understanding it beforehand. After having my first son, I chose to sign up for Amazon Subscribe and Save. Three years later with another child in the mix, I feel more than qualified to explain this program to others. Here’s the Amazon Subscribe and Save store breakdown, what it is and how to use it to ensure you’re getting what you need each month at a discounted price.

What is the Amazon Subscribe and Save Store?

Subscribe and save is a monthly service where you subscribe to a series of products that you would like delivered on a specified date. These items usually come in “bulk” and the subscriber can choose how often they would like to receive it (every month, two months, three months, etc.). You have the ability to cancel or change the frequency of deliveries when needed.

When you subscribe to various products, you end up saving anywhere from 15-20% on each item.

In order to save on a monthly basis, you have to subscribe to at least five different products for that month’s delivery. As a mom, finding five products you need each month is not hard at all, so reaching this order completion is not difficult.

Subscribe and save products range from baby gear to dog food to toiletries to household goods to nonperishable food items. To find the specific product you’re looking for, all you have to do is search within the Amazon Subscribe and Save store section of the website. If you are unable to find an item, keep in mind that Subscribe and Save is expanding their selection of goods all the time, so if something isn’t offered this month, check again next month.

Why Use the Amazon Subscribe and Save Store?

Through Amazon Subscribe and Save, you will receive items you know you need each month or products you need on a regular basis without leaving your house or remembering it on your next shopping trip. The delivery process makes it less likely for us to run out of certain necessities such as toilet paper, paper towels, or laundry detergent.

Many items are cheaper than what you can find at other stores. And, if it isn’t, the price is comparable.

Another perk, you won’t have to load up large items such as diaper or wipes into your cart or car, which we all know is difficult when you have one or more kids in tow.

The convenience of the Amazon Subscribe and Save store is priceless when you have kids, especially younger children.

How to Get Started

First you need to do your research. Start taking note of items you need consistently around the house, especially things that are easily forgotten at the store, difficult to find, or take up a lot of space in your cart: diapers, wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc.

Keep track of how often you buy these particular items or may need them: every month, every two months, every three months, etc. You just need a roundabout idea, as you can adjust the schedule later.

Second, now that you’ve taken notes on your “regular necessity” items, you need to do some price comparisons. Check if your desired products are offered in the Amazon Subscribe and Save store and compare the prices at the store with your discount on Amazon. My general comparisons have found that through Subscribe and Save, items are generally cheaper or very close to the amount I spend in store. If it’s close to the amount you spend in store, the next question you need to ask yourself is how much more convenient will this be if it’s delivered to me on a regular basis. Usually, it’s always more convenient and worth the price.

Now it’s time to start Subscribing and Saving!

Pick the date you want to receive your items (you can easily align them with your pay schedule) and start adding products to your order. It will take a couple of months to determine how often you need particular products, so take mental notes.

What Should You Expect With Your Order?

You should expect to receive lots of boxes over the course of a couple days on or around your selected delivery date, so invest in some good box cutters like these.

You will also need a space to store excess items or bulk items, so make sure to prepare ahead of time.

Check Your Emails

Sometimes there are price increases, decreases, or changes in products. Amazon will notify you with enough warning to change your order if necessary. Amazon will also send you an email to make any updates to your order prior to the delivery being processed. I describe this important email in the next section.

Don’t Forget to Update Your Monthly Order

You may not need some products as often as you thought you did when you initially ordered them. It’s very easy to update your subscriptions BUT you have to do it a week or so prior to your delivery date! Amazon will send you a warning email, but also keep it on your calendar if you’re busy like me.

So modern mom, are you ready to start making your life a bit easier and save money too? Use this Subscribe and Save link to see if your favorite items are offered through this program and get started!

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