small nursery ideas to maximize your spaceAre you getting ready to decorate your nursery, but feel like there isn’t enough space for all your baby’s baggage?  It’s okay!  This feeling is normal, but there are many small nursery ideas that you can use to maximize your child’s room.

In reality, us modern moms register for every super cool gadget and tool out there, but soon discover all this intense baby ish needs a place to go!

When I found out I was preggers I naturally started nesting and couldn’t wait put together my child’s sanctuary.  As I began to organize baby gifts and purchases, I soon realized how much babies actually need and how much room I didn’t have for it all.

How was I going to make a super chic, Pinterest ready baby nursery, if stuff was going to be EVERYWHERE?

Luckily, there are several different actions you can take to make that nursery work for you!

Here are the five easy ways to maximize space in any size nursery, while ensuring the room doesn’t lose its sophisticated flair.

1. Dark Colored Accent Wall

Not exactly a way to create more storage in a tiny room, but it will make the nursery appear larger! A bold colored accent wall is not only a ballsy move, but it gives the illusion that the space has more depth than the square footage allows for.

small nursery ideas

Have a tiny room? Use one of my small nursery ideas to make it look larger!

Navy Blue is a really trendy nursery color right now, but don’t be scared to try an eggplant or burnt orange color to keep things stylish without being too baby-esque.

No offense, but light blue or baby pink are just so basic baby!

2. Install Wall Ledges

Book ledges are a popular nursery accessory for modern moms, but can also be extremely helpful for making the most of the space in your nursery.

I love that the ledges also act as room décor, while maintaining much needed floor space in a small sized room.

Etsy is a great place to find customizable wall ledges that can fit in any sized room.  I found mine here.


Small nursery ideas for your tiny room definitely include book ledges!

For more information on wall ledges and other ideas for wall decor, check out my post on ways to make that nursery even more chic and stylish.

3. Lose The Closet Doors

Dealing with a tiny room? So was I! You’ll need to do something a little more out of the box if you want to create any storage for all your baby’s belongings.

Try replacing the closet door with curtains- the most random of my small nursery ideas to create more space!

After analyzing the closet, I discovered how much space was inaccessible because of the closet doors and knew removing them would be necessary if I wanted to maximize the room’s storage.

I purchased an inexpensive, white tension rod to blend in with the existing closet paint and bought two white, cotton curtains with grommets from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

small nursery ideas 2

Small nursery ideas for your space may include losing the closet doors!

In the end, I really love the curtains, as it adds more texture to the space and has allowed me to use that closet space I was desperate for.

4. Put the Dresser in the Closet

With so much furniture in your nursery, floor space fills up quickly.  All of sudden you start thinking about where your baby will actually be able to play?

Obviously, a changing station for the nursery is a must, but use the extra closet space for a tall dresser to store clothes, sheets, towels, and whatever else you will want to keep handy!

5. Use the Space Under Your Crib

Still in need of storage? Use the space under your crib to your advantage.  There are bins that can fit perfectly in this void and will make the items easy to access when needed.

Obviously, you won’t want bins to be a part of your décor, so make sure you add a crib skirt to your list of things to buy as a stylish way to hide the organized chaos!

I’ve actually been using space saver bags to store clothes under the crib that I am no longer using, but don’t want to give away just yet.  Baby number 2, maybe?

Small Nursery Ideas in a Nutshell

When you are dealing with a small nursery, maximizing space while keeping a room looking sleek and stylish can be a difficult task.  Try painting a bold accent wall, installing book ledges, taking out closet doors to place a tall dresser inside of it, and using the void beneath your crib for storage. Any of these simple tips and tricks will make your baby’s room a comfortable, yet organized.

small nursery ideas 1

Use any of these small nursery ideas to maximize space and minimize the chaos.

What are some other thing you’ve done to make good use of your small nursery space? Comment with your ideas in below and don’t forget to share this article with other soon to be mamas!

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