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In search of where to find the best maternity wear? Of course you are… you’re a soon to be modern mom!  Not only do we love to shop, but we don’t want to look like a giant cupcake during pregnancy either.  Unfortunately, the struggle is real when it comes to finding retailers with quality maternity attire that’s also cute. 

I understand, because I went through this situation myself not too long ago. Digging deep into my search for chic and stylish maternity wear, I realized I had entered into a labyrinth of fashion I knew nothing about.

Even worse, it also seemed like many clothing stores knew nothing about pregnancy wear either. 

Sadly, I found that many retailers don’t carry their maternity line in store.  While some places I searched don’t sell maternity clothes AT ALL (Ahem…. Victoria Secret & Dillards, I’m looking at you! Please join us women in 2017 while we demand equal pay and proper clothing for our pregnant bellies!)

The internet, of course, became my best shopping buddy. Which worked out perfectly, seeing as how on most day I hardly had  the energy to put makeup on!

So, where can a hip, pregnant woman such as yourself shop?

After much trial and error, I uncovered the 5 best online retailers for maternity wear, so you don’t have to compromise fashion for your baby bump.

Please, don’t start from square one.  Let me do the hard work, while you only have to lift a finger for an order confirmation.

Check out which online retailers sell the best options for the most stylish maternity wear, so you can still feel like YOU while pregnant!

1. Nordstrom: Great for dresses, jeans, tops and loungewear…Just about anything! Free shipping & free returns ALWAYS

iconFind designer dresses for every holiday event at NORDSTROM.

Nordstrom is a huge retailer that has a growing maternity section…. online.  They have a vast array of maternity wear for just about any part of your wardrobe. They specifically came to the rescue with comfortable maternity PJs, everyday denim, and dresses for all occasions.

Although some Nordstrom items can be on the pricier side, the quality, fit, and feel of each piece of clothing makes it worth the cost.

Not to mention, free shipping and returns is a HUGE plus when you don’t know what will fit you.

In the end, most of my favorite maternity wear came from Nordstrom, and I cannot be more thankful!  When you look in the mirror and don’t recognize yourself anymore, at least you can be proud of your outfit!

Quick Tip- Read Nordstrom reviews from customers.  They are usually spot on.

Check out some of my favorite picks for maternity and nursing wear from Nordstrom!

best maternity wear

2. The Gap: Great for business casual and lounge wear.  Spend $50 for free shipping and free returns. 

It’s already difficult to find proper business wear, but now you may have to buy NEW pieces for your pregnant body!  It’s like finding a unicorn… impossible.  Luckily, The Gap has found the unicorn for you by offering a ton of professional attire.

What makes The Gap maternity line especially awesome is their over the bump styled pants, otherwise known as full panel.  This feature allows your bump to feel more free throughout a long work day and can be worn throughout your entire pregnancy as your belly grows.  They come in tons of colors, lengths, and patterns too!

I also found some great maternity PJ dresses that will make your legs and waistline feel free after a long day at the office!

Quick Tip:  Look out for online sales during the week!

3. Nordstrom Rack: Great for everyday wear and dresses. Spend $100 for free shipping and free, in-store returns.

Nordstrom Rack is popping up at every corner, and although you can’t find many maternity pieces in-store, they do have some to offer online, at really great price points.

I found the leggings of my pregnancy dreams here and some everyday shirts that I continued to wear for months postpartum.

Some downsides, Nordstrom Rack does have a free in-store return policy, so if you don’t live by one, you will be paying for return shipping.  ICK! Also, you have to create an account to order anything.  Although kind of annoying, it’s worth it for comfortable maternity wear, especially leggings!

4. Macy’s: Great for dresses. Free shipping if you spend $99 and free returns.

Although I’m more of a Nordstrom girl,  Macy’s seemed to have the widest selection of maternity clothes out there for an affordable price.

They teamed up with Pea in a Pod and other specialty maternity brands, which is awesome!  Why?  Because if you shop online at any of these concierge maternity wear retailers you’ll be paying for shipping AND your return!  I never want to pay for a return, especially when I have no idea how a certain piece of clothing will fit my bump!

If you are looking for a moderately priced shower dress, Macys would be a great start!

Also, if you want to get a little ahead, Macy’s has great options for nursing wear as well.  If you plan to breastfeed, get started with some pieces right away.

5. Paige Jeans: Denim, Denim, Denim. Free shipping and returns.

Most women appreciate good denim.  So why stop while pregnant?  Paige Jeans has a huge selection of maternity jeans that I would highly recommend if you want a decent pair.

Feeling like myself during pregnancy was important.  Since the old me loved herself a nice pair of jeans, the new me needed some too.

Yes, they are expensive, but you get what you pay for when it comes to quality denim.

For my specific Paige Jeans picks for maternity wear, check out my post here.

Get Clicking, Girl!

Shopping for maternity wear can be tiring and cumbersome.  With many large retailers opting to feature maternity clothes online only, it can be difficult to find the perfect head to toe look, when pregnant. So, make the most of your time and energy by starting with this list of stores.  Not only do they carry the widest and chicest styles for pregnant mamas, but they also feature some of the best prices for the quality you receive.

For specific items that I loved from these retailers, visit my post for my most favorite stylish AND comfortable maternity clothes here.

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best maternity wear