If you’re a modern mom, chances are you’ve considered breastfeeding or at least want to give it a try.  You’ve probably even taken a class or two to help you prepare.  But, something the class won’t cover, are all the types of nursing clothes you will need in order to make you and your baby as comfortable as possible during this new experience.

comfy nursing clothes every new mom needs

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While pregnant, I became so wrapped up in what my baby would need, that I totally forgot about myself.  A month away from my due date my mom asked me what I planned to wear at the hospital to help make those initial breastfeeding days easier.

Um… what?

I immediately started to feel overwhelmed because I hadn’t even thought about nursing clothes! How could an overprepared, slightly neurotic millennial mom such as myself overlooked something this BIG?

Luckily, you’re already thinking about breastfeeding apparel and are choosing to do it in the most efficient way possible- by letting others do the work for you!

After baby arrives, it’s necessary for a first-time mom to have her nursing attire ready.

Here are some of mom’s favorite,  super comfortable and practical nursing clothes to get your new breastfeeding wardrobe started.

1. Bump in the Night Clip Down Nursing Nightgown (Macys.com)comfy nursing clothes

I love these nightgowns!  They come equipped with an easy to use clip-down bra strap, which is basically a plastic piece on the strap that easily clips on and off at the start or end of the nursing session.

These particular nightgowns also include padding for your breasts, which is great to protect your nursing clothes from breastmilk leakage stains (the worst!).  Personally, I loved the padded feature as I felt comfortable to wear these when close family visited, and I didn’t feel like changing into real clothes.

The fabric is stretchy and breathes well, making it perfect to sleep in.

A small warning: I found that the grey was nice, but you could see stains on it easily, which will happen often when breastfeeding. I didn’t really mind because I wasn’t going out in public with a nightgown on and I had awesome stain removers specific for dairy.

2. A Pea in A Pod Maternity Nursing Dress (Macys.com)comfy nursing clothes

This dress is stylish, comfortable, and makes nursing super easy.  All you have to do is lift up the top portion of this dress to feed your little one.  Fast food for your baby will be important when they are screaming their head off in search of your milk!

Although a little pricey, the dress washes well and can be worn around the house when visitors come over or for a quick trip to the grocery store.

I love that it’s super forgiving of your postpartum belly and can fit long after you’ve lost the baby weight.

3. Motherhood Maternity Seamless Full Coverage Clip Down Nursing Bra (Macys.com)

comfy nursing clothes

It’s kind of sad how excited I am to share this find with my readers, but after trying on about 100 different nursing bras, I was ecstatic to discover this one!  Maybe not your everyday bra, this Motherhood Maternity Nursing Bra is great for working out or a mom on the go.

What do I love about it?  It’s super comfy, made with stretchy material, and the clip down feature is easy to use. The bra also has a hook and eye in the back, with adjustable straps.  This feature is perfect for the mom who is probably going to change sizes after baby (I gained & lost 50 pounds!)

Even better, it doesn’t break the bank, but the quality has held up after millions of washes.

Trust me on this, you NEED this bra in every color!

As a Side Note:

As I mentioned previously, I tried on hundreds of nursing bras before finding some good ones.  Macy’s offers great deals from time to time on their nursing bras, so make sure to check their site often.  I also found that when it comes to nursing bras, you get what you pay for most of the time, so don’t be afraid to splurge a little in this part of your nursing clothes wardrobe.

4. Bravado Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra (Nordstrom.com)

I love Bravado Designs for nursing bras.  These bras are comfortable, seamless, and stretchy. They also have that awesome clip-down feature, which makes feeding at home or on the go so easy.

The ease of access while out on a hike or just sitting on the couch is AMAZING.

For breastfeeding moms, it’s so difficult to find sports bras that actually hold all your goodness in and keep those boobies in place while you work out.  I hate when I’m toppling out of a bra on a full day or my boobs bounce around too much while working out on the treadmill.  #breastfeedingmomprobs This bra solves those issues by being just tight enough, but is also equipped with adjustable straps, so you can easily change sizes as you lose/gain weight.


This bra is similar to the one I mentioned above, but it’s sold by Nordstrom, and some of you with Nordstrom cards may prefer to do your shopping here, so you can get those points!

Seriously, you cannot count on the sports bras you had before you were pregnant to do the job of a nursing bra.  Try one out and you’ll be converted.

5.Vitality Clip Down Nursing Sports Bra (Nordstrom.com)

Yet another great clip down sports bra but this one is just more fun! When it comes to nursing wear, it’s hard to find anything that’s not the typical grey, black, beige, etc. If you’re like me, you like your workout wear to be more colorful, loud, and excited! This bra checks all the boxes I mentioned before (easy for feeding, comfortable, stretchy, holds the ladies in, adjustable straps for your changing body), but it has that more loud workout apparel women love.


6. Bun Maternity/Nursing Swing Tank (Nordstrom.com)

I should start by stating that this top is perfect for nursing, but not so much maternity, so please just use this for postpartum. I love that the way this top works for breastfeeding your baby is in the name- just swing it over on the side and getting to nursing!

With this scoop neck feature, you can even nurse from the top, rather than the side. So easy!

It comes in several colors and is perfect for lounging around the house or heading out to lunch.

8. Compression Nursing Tank (Nordstrom.com)

A nursing and tummy tuck in one? Yes! This tank is perfect for wearing underneath a shirt, sweater, or even a dress!  I liked this because I got away without wearing a bra when out and about, but also felt more confident with my postpartum belly.

Once again, this top sports easy access for feedings, which is necessary to the nursing process.

It is a little on the pricey side, but all you need is one or two for your wardrobe!

nursing clothes every new mom needs

Get Shopping for Those Nursing Clothes Now!

Learning to breastfeed along with your baby can be a difficult task.  Ensuring that you have comfortable nursing clothes is important for you and your baby.  Try any of these essential breastfeeding pieces to get your new nursing wardrobe started and check out my picks for trendy maternity clothes to go with your new nursing wear here!

Looking for other ways to make breastfeeding easier, check out this list of the products I would suggest after breastfeeding my baby for 13 months, here!

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Have you discovered any pieces that you would like to share with us? Please comment below with your finds, because I know there are several moms who are dying to know more about it!

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