Hey there, mama!  How’s it going?  Pregnant much?  I know… life is a little cray right now.  You’re tired. Your pants don’t fit. You have to stay away from a ton of different foods. Unfortunately, these things don’t compare to how overwhelmed you may feel as you try to prepare for the needs of a newborn baby by creating the best baby registry ever.

Don’t worry, I get it, girl.

About a year ago, that was me too.  I spent so much time stressing over what to add, what to buy, and which product was the best quality, when I could have been doing other things… like sleeping.  That’s why, when I created Real Time Mom, I knew the first thing I wanted to do was develop a free baby registry checklist, for the purpose of helping other moms through the same process I struggled so much with.  Us mamas gotta stick together, right?!

What makes this baby registry checklist so great?

As I recently became a mom myself, I want the latest and greatest, mom-approved products for my child.  My checklist is based on countless hours of internet searches, current research, analyses of various product reviews on different sites, and, of course, my firsthand mom experience- in REAL TIME.  The items I’ve selected are chosen with you, the modern mom, in mind, and the things real moms care about!

What’s another thing that makes this list so great?

If you can believe it, I actually lost sleep over my baby registry! It was tough stuff. My checklist saves you time, energy, worry, and, best of all, makes your pregnant life easier with a few clicks of a button.

OH EM GEE… I’m serious. You can pull-off this baby registry while eating Ben & Jerry’s on the couch and binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Wait… there’s another AWESOME thing about this registry checklist: It is free! Nada! Nilch! Free 99! We know all soon to be moms love the sounds of free-dom since it feels that you are always spending money these days.

Creating the Real Time Mom’s Baby Registry Checklist for the Modern Mom was a labor of love. (I use the word labor in the happiest way possible!)  I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a thing for you, and it’s true, with this awesome list of registry must-haves, you’ll be ready for whatever life throws at you during that first year!

From baby sleep to diaper changing to feeding baby solids, you’ll have something for it.  In fact, you’ll feel over-prepared at times! Say what???

Real Time Mom’s checklist even includes a section of items that you probably didn’t know you needed either. You know, things you would have no idea that you needed unless you were already a mom.  Pssst… these items are some of my absolute favorite finds, like NEXT LEVEL baby gear.

Between this list and my specific suggestions, tips, and momming tricks offered on realtimemom.com, you will have it made.

Please don’t spend another minute of your precious pregnant “me time” stressing over your registry. Subscribe below for your copy of Real Time Mom’s Baby Registry Checklist for the Modern Mom and let me do the hard work for you.  You got this, girl!