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Newborn sleep is one of the toughest aspects of first-time parenting. Heck, it’s stressful even for second, third, and fourth time parents!

People say that newborn’s sleep all the time, but what if yours doesn’t?

A baby that doesn’t sleep can be extremely exhausting and frustrating for all parties involved. You’ve read about specific products, routines, tips, and tricks to try to get your baby to sleep, but did you stop to think that it could be the type of bed your newborn is sleeping in?

Lucky for you, and not for me, I experienced the same issue with newborn sleep (or lack thereof).  But, I discovered a better way for my baby to rest, and it was as easy as changing his bed!

When my baby was born, my husband and I had a plan for our co-sleeping situation. The funny thing about plans and newborns is they typically don’t work out.

Sleepless day after day, and sleepless night after night, I struggled. I  thought I tried everything: rocking, singing, white noise… For some reason, I was so fixated on the little things, I didn’t realize I was forcing a certain sleeping situation, and it wasn’t working.

So, I abandoned his previous bed and purchased new ones to try out.

OH EM GEE, what a difference a bed makes!

I, Mrs. 3 hours of sleep a night zombie mom, was on the road to more shut-eye, and you can too!

You found this post, so you are already taking a major step in the right direction, and that’s awesome. Now it’s time to figure out which beds you feel will work best for your situation at home, and of course, your baby.

Yes! For you, the sleepy parent, it only becomes a matter of which bed(s) you want for your newborn and how quickly can you get it delivered to your house? Sooooo easy!

Below is a list of beds that not only worked for my newborn, but are popular choices for countless other parents as well.

Of course, you need a quick solution to your problem, so this list includes fast descriptions of each bed and super simple links.  All you need to do is add them to your shopping cart, and have sleep brought to your front door in a matter of days. What more could a tired mom ask for?

This list is also AWESOME for soon to be moms trying to decide which bed(s) would be best for you and your family. Add any of these choices to your baby registry and download my FREE checklist for help with yours.beds that are best for newborn sleep

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1. Graco DreamGlider Swing & Sleeper

This is #1 on my list because it’s pretty much an awesome sleep situation for any newborn. For our household, it was freaking life changing!

Here are the top reasons why moms love the Graco Dreamglider:

  • It’s perfect for babies who do not like to sleep flat or suffer from acid reflux
  • It creates a snuggly, tight space for your newborn’s transition from the confines of a mother’s womb
  • The electronic swaying motion and vibration relaxes baby and can be adjusted according to your baby’s needs

2. Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle ‘n Swing

During the day, you may want a different space for your child to sleep that’s safe and close to you at all times. Unfortunately, finding the right bed for daytime naps can be tricky.

The answer, the Fisher-Price SnugaPuppy Swing. I have tons of friends that swear by this swing, and here’s why:

  • Just like the name suggests, it’s super snug for your newborn who is used to the confines of a womb
  • It sways in a very relaxing manner
  • The seat can be turned in different directions, depending on which way you want your newborn to face.

3. Fisher-Price Deluxe Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

As stated above, having eyes on your newborn is important to many parents. Although the beds above are great for day and night newborn sleep, they are not compact and easy to move around the house. That’s why many parents opt for the compact and inexpensive Rock & Play, here’s why:

  • Collapsible and lightweight; great for mobility
  • Vibrates for comfort
  • Creates a tight space for your newborn to feel warm and comfortable

4. Arm’s Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper

The Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper is a great situation for those who want more options with their nighttime newborn sleep or want a different type of co-sleeping set-up with their baby. Although it doesn’t rock or sway, there are some cool features that are worth mentioning, especially for those that plan to co-sleep for awhile and/or feed on demand.

Here’s why moms’ choose to use the Arms Reach Co-sleeper:

  • Lightweight, compact, with easily adjustable sides that can be rolled down
  • Great for close by, easy reach night feeding and co-sleeping
  • Although it is meant to lay flat, one can create a tighter space for newborn sleep by propping it up or placing bundles of blankets under the sheets.

5. DockATot

Full disclosure, I did not personally use the Dock-a-Tot co-sleeper, as the above beds worked for us, but I felt it important to include on this list, as I personally know many mothers who LOVE it, including close and personal friends of mine.

Here’s why they like the Dock a Tot for their newborns:

  • Can be used in conjunction with the bassinet of your choice to create a tight, breathable space for your newborn
  • Great tool for bed sharing, if you choose to go that route
  • Lightweight and good for using in various spots around the house or for travel

Changing Beds for Newborn Sleep

Newborn sleep is a super tricky thing.  You may have tried rocking, swaying, bouncing, white noise, blackout curtains, but still sleepless nights prevail.  That is, until you’ve tried a new bed for your baby!  With so many options and reasons why moms love them, which bed will you try?


For all your soon to be mamas out there planning a baby registry, use my free checklist designed for the modern mom. It not only includes bed choices but EVERYTHING else you will need to survive the first few months of motherhood and beyond.