must have diapering essentials for baby registry checklist

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In need of baby registry essentials for diaper changing?  Probably, because your life is about to become crap.  Not because you’re about to become a parent, but because your baby is going to be a pooping and peeing machine.  That’s why it’s important to ensure your baby registry essentials include tried and true diaper changing gear that’s perfect for any situation you may encounter as a new mom.

As a first-time mom, myself, I knew things were supposed to get messy when it came to this baby business, but changing the diaper of a newborn was a whole new world for me.  To find my necessary products, I toggled between registries and blog lists and read far too many reviews (with some graphic bowel movement images to boot).

The choices for my baby registry essentials were overwhelming, to say the least, as I was unsure what was actually essential to this entire process.

Now that I can speak from experience, you definitely see it all– pee spraying, poop shooting, diapers exploding.

No exaggerations here.

I’m actually LOLing thinking back to the beginning of parenthood. Each day was packed with at least 3 showers a day, multiple wardrobe changes, and lots of hand washing—all caused by baby bathroom breaks.

All sh*t aside (pun intended), there are tons of unknowns when it comes to babyland, especially in the diaper changing department.  It’s important to set yourself up with the right equipment and tools by selecting the proper baby registry essentials to do the job.

So, how can you be as prepared as possible for this unknown world of diaper changing that you’re about to face, while hopefully remaining as clean as possible?

Below is an ultimate list of my favorite baby registry essentials for diaper changing.  Through firsthand experiences as a real time mom, I can attest to their endurance over various accidents and mishaps during these past year.

Whether you’re searching for just the basic, preparing for changing diapers at home or looking for on-the go, these are the vital products to add to your list of registry essentials for diapering your baby:


1. Diapers

You’ll first want to decide if you are going to use cloth diapers or disposables. I cannot suggest one single brand of diapers for your baby.  The reason?  I found that as my baby grew, his body changed, and so did the type of diaper he fit into.  I use disposables, and I can say that I’ve usually found my way back to Pampers Baby Dry Diapers.  I get great deals on diapers through the Subscribe & Save program offered through Amazon Prime. baby-registry-essentials-5

2. Wipes

Most babies have sensitive skin, so I always suggest Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes .  Once again, I get a good deal on them through Subscribe & Save.

3. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Love me some Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.  I lather my baby’s bottom in this ointment to create a layer for protection from diaper rash.

4. Toilet Paper

WTH? Toilet paper?  Yes…. My baby suffered from repetitive diaper rashes.  Unfortunately, even the most sensitive and expensive wipes still won’t keep your baby safe from these rashes.  I would try to get rid of the rashes using tons of creams (none of which I would recommend), but the rash would stay and turn into yeast.  Yuck!  I found that if I pat him dry with toilet paper after using the baby wipes, he was less likely to have any irritation down there.  Since I started doing this, we have not had one diaper rash problem!

5. Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil is good to have on hand.  If you do notice some redness, stop the use of wipes (use water and a towel instead) and apply coconut oil.  It’s a natural remedy for diaper rashes that smells good too.

For more information about the uses of coconut oil, check out my post here.


1. Organizers

Organization is key into ensuring necessary changing items are easily accessible.

Trust me, when your baby has sprayed pee in their own mouth or you’re struggling with poop that has somehow escaped the diaper, everything needs to be at your fingertips.

Depending on what type of at-home changing station you have selected, here are some things that can help with keeping everything handy:

Organizers For a Stand Alone Changing Table: Bins with Labels

Stylish bins are an easy way to keep diapering products organized, while also adding a touch of décor to a somewhat unsanitary place in your nursery.  Since you have a stand-alone changing table, these bins will help you make the most of your space, since you may not have drawers.

There are tons of bins out there!  Measure your space to narrow the search, and find some cool milk crates. I love the ones I purchased from Target, but they don’t sell them anymore.

To truly be organized, you also need labels that can be easily changed, if needed.  

I LOVE these chalkboard stickers and liquid chalk markers.



Not only are chalkboards super trendy, you can easily change your labels if you need to reorganize.

The combo of these two items make it super easy to clean off and rewrite!


Chalkboard pens take some practice before getting your writing to look the way you would like it to.


Why not make labeling and organizing easier?

For Stand Alone Changing Table OR a Dresser with Top Changer Attached- Prince Lionheart Diaper Depots

Whether you will have a top dresser changing station or a separate changing table, you will need to “organize the chaos” as Prince Lionheart points out, using some method.  Enter, The Prince Lionheart Diaper Depots.


Check out the Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot on my changer!


I love the how securely the Prince Lionheart Depot fastened to the side of my changing table, making it super easy to grab what I need.

There are tons of compartments, that can be attached or detached, depending on what you need.

The depot is easy to clean, as it’s just plastic.


My wipe dispenser not fit in the space provided, but rests on top of the given area.


Girl, get yourself organized without much work by adding this to your diaper changing station today.  It’s a registry essential and well-priced!

There are two different products depending on your diaper changing situation, so check out the links below.

For Stand Alone Changers, click here.


For Top Dresser Changers, click here.


2. Colgate Waterproof Contoured Changing Pad

You will need a pad to set your baby while you change them.  Some pads are super expensive such as the Keekaroo, but I prefer the simple Colgate Waterproof Contoured Changing Pad.


Although you should never leave your baby unattended on a changing table, the contoured sides are a nice feature for when your baby starts to roll.

It’s super easy to clean off.

It’s fairly inexpensive, yet serves as a high quality item for the price you pay!


It is just a pad, so you will need to purchase some changing pad covers.


Save yourself some money, and add this to your diaper changing shopping cart, and spend the extra funds on something more fun!

3. TL Care Heavenly Soft Chenille Fitted Contoured Changing Pad Cover

If you have a pad, you need some covers for it that match your nursery décor.

Check out these soft chenille covers made my TL Care.


They fit great and come in tons of colors and patterns.

I love how high quality they feel, perfect for a newborn’s delicate skin.


Don’t pick the white one; it may fit easily with your decor, but doesn’t match well with feces.


These are a MUST to add some glam to your changing table.

4. Bamboo Changing Pad Liners

This is one of those items that you may not have thought of, but on top of your changing pad sheet, you will want a liner. That way, any accidents can be easily taken care of by removing the liner rather than changing the entire  pad cover.


Most stores will offer the Munchkin brand liner, but I read terrible reviews of this product

I went with these Bamboo Changing Pad Liners instead and am happy I did!


They’re waterproof and easy to wash.

The quality is impeccable, as they’ve survived NUMEROUS washes- Firsthand experience tested, and not by choice!


They have a fabric on the backside that acts as a non-slip grip, which is missing from many other changing liners I tried out before.


They’re white…..


Great grip action, literally hypo-everything, and easy to clean, what more can I say? A must to add to the baby registry essentials list for sure.


You can see the changing pad cover and liner on my diapering station.

5. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

Which trash can for diapers is the best?  The great debate, but definitely part of everyone’s baby registry essentials list!

Once again, I researched high and low and read soooo many reviews before settling on the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail.  I love it!



It’s sleek and practical in design.

The Ubbi also comes in a number of colors depending on the style of your nursery.

The trash can does an excellent job of masking the smell of lingering diapers.


Yes, sometimes I can smell the lingering scent of my child’s poop, but I think that’s unavoidable.  As long as the lid is closed shut, you should be good.

You need Ubbi trash bags, but I haven’t tested if other brands fit this trash can as well.


Beat the smell and thank me later

6. Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer with Prince Lionheart Ever-Fresh Replacement Pillows

My most HATED ON item, but you know what, haters gonna hate.  I LOVE my Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer.  Maybe not on everyone’s baby registry essentials list for diapering, but it’s on mine!


I did a lot of research on warmers, and many people are not impressed with any that are currently on the market.  Yes, the Munchkin Wipe Warmer is not perfect, but I still think it’s better than a cold wipe. 


I like it for both my babies tush and my hands, especially during the winter months. Brr!

The warmer wipes are also useful for late night changes, when you would rather not startle your baby awake with a cold cloth.


One issue that occurs with a warmer is that the wipe left on the top of the chamber can dry out. To avoid this problem as best as possible, I bought the Prince Lionheart Ever-Fresh Replacement Pillows for ongoing moisture.


Keep your baby’s tush nice and warm!


1. Mom’s Besty Luxury Baby Change Pad


I love this cool piece of diapering equipment I found on Amazon, and it’s become one of my many baby registry essentials that I wish I had found sooner.


It’s a padded changer, with several compartments for storage, and has a clip to attach to a stroller!  The best for on the go changes.

It’s easy to wipe down.

Nice and compact.




Be prepared for mishaps anywhere you are and add this to your Superhero Mommy Toolbelt now.

For more information on my favorite stroller accessories for the mom on the go, check out my post here.

2. Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Trash Bag

Special trash bags for dirty diapers on the go seems like a total “Oh, brother!” item.  I cannot believe how useful they are in my life, as I have changed 100s of dirty diapers during various outings with my little one.


They are lined with baking soda, so the smell doesn’t overtake your car.  It’s not always convenient to throw a dirty diaper away right after changing.  Sad to say, I usually have to stash them in my trunk until I get home!

These bags are great for dealing with the ish later, and keeping your car from smelling like curdled milk.


They can seem kind of expensive for what they are.


You need a contraption to throw away old diapers when you’re out and about, and this will keep the stench out of your car!

For more suggestions regarding on the go accessories that I can’t leave the house without, check out my post here.

3. Portable Changer

We travel with our baby.  Although many pack and plays come with changers now, it isn’t exactly a convenient situation for middle of the night diapering.  We learned the hard way when our baby had a spraying accident, while changing him in the middle of the night.  Needless to say, his bed was wet and we had a lot of cleaning to do.

After some Amazon searching, I found this AWESOME Portable Changer made by Lullababy.



The well-made changer has tons of compartments for easy to access diaper changing tools.

I have a place for everything: diapers, wipes, Vaseline, trash bags.

The walls are sturdy, and, the best part, it folds into an easy to carry diaper bag!  So great for saving space while packing, especially if you plan to get on a plane!


It came with a liner for the inside, which I don’t use, as it’s not waterproof.


This is one of those items I didn’t know I would need, but am happy exists on this planet.  For more items you may not think about until you’re actually momming, read my post here.

Now You’re Ready with Your Baby Registry Essentials for Diapering

Before being a mom, it’s hard to truly envision which baby registry essentials are needed for changing baby’s diaper, but this is one area you MUST be ready for.  Whether you are at home or on-the-go, take advantage of all the great products available to make your life easier, in true, smart modern mom style.