the best crib gear for your baby registry checklist

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Are you a soon to be mom who’s looking for the best crib gear to add to your registry?  Why wouldn’t you be?  The crib is going to be an important place for your little one.  Why?  It’s not only the space where they will get their much-needed beauty rest, but also a safe spot they can call their own. Their chill zone, their casa, their “crib”- if you will- where numerous hours will be spent.

As a first-time parent, are you ready with the right accessories to make this location safe, practical, and equipped for much more than just sleeping?

My registry experience was overwhelming, to say the least.  Although I received of a checklist and some help from a consultant, but I was registering for a hundred items in a matter of two hours!  When all was said and done, I knew I had everything on the list, but I didn’t understand exactly what all these things did and if I had even chosen products that were quality items, for the right price.  I was especially concerned about selecting the best crib gear for my baby.

This is where my most precious item will be spending most of his time!  Had I done it right?


Lucky for you, you’re an overly prepared mod mom, and you are doing your researching and checking it twice to find out which items are a necessity and why you actually need them. Otherwise, how can you truly be prepared for something that you’ve never experienced before?

So, what are the critical things you will need for your crib to be complete?

Whether you are just starting to research the best cribs and bedding or had a confusing whirlwind of a registry experience like me, let this easy to follow guide help put your baby’s bed together the right way.

These are the tried and true, reviewed items of the best crib gear, no fluff included.  Here are my tips and 7 top picks for your essential crib gear:

1. Convertible Crib

A Convertible Crib is a crib that can later bed modified to grow with your child. In my opinion, this option is the best crib selection for saving money and future uses.


A convertible crib is by far the best crib choice for longevity and saving money! Here is my Child Craft crib.

There are several different types, but you will want want yours to eventually convert into a full-size bed.

If you go this route make sure you buy all the extra pieces that go with the crib right now, in case the crib becomes unavailable in the future.

Cribs and the other furnished pieces can definitely add up, so ensure you absolutely love it.  Read reviews online about experiences other customers had with the product before making your final selection.

In the end, my husband and I chose a moderately priced set from Child Craft. Child Craft is not only well made, but the brand has been around for many years.

After registering for our furniture, my mom pointed out that the furniture I had when I was a baby was Child Craft, and she had just sold the Child Craft dresser she bought back in 1987 at a garage sale in 2012!  Solid…

2. Mattress

Next you need a mattress.  There are several to choose from and each will boast some distinct feature you may want to consider for your baby.

I highly advise you to work with someone on these mattresses and have them explain it, so you fully understand what you’re buying! Mattresses can add up, especially if you are going organic.

We ended up with a Colgate Breathe-Flex mattress that the consultant at Buy Buy Baby helped us select. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this mattress as the best crib mattress due to what I’ve recently read online from other owners who were not satisfied with the product.

Although I have not experienced the same issue, I know Buy Buy Baby has an awesome return policy.  (As a side note: I purchased big ticket items at places I knew had great return policies!  You should consider doing the same.)

3. Waterproof Mattress Protector

Of course you’re going to need something to keep that expensive mattress protected from pee, poop, vomit, and whatever else your baby may secrete during sleep time!

My mattress protector has been put to the test several times.  Let’s just say, when these things happen in the middle of the night, you want to ensure the product you chose is going to do what it promises.

Also, if you wanted to buy an organic mattress, but were shocked by prices, you may find an organic mattress protector is a good compromise.

I did not go organic, but have been pleased with our selection of theSealy Stain & Waterproof Mattress Protector.

Obviously, you want to buy at least two!

4. Crib Sheets

The crib sheets are the fun part!  Here’s where you get to pick and choose items that will compliment your nursery décor.  There are a ton to select, so I just focused on colors and went from there.


Whichever sheets you buy, make sure that they fit your mattress, prior to washing them!  Some say that they fit standard mattresses when in fact they don’t. (Another issue I experienced firsthand!)

Also, if there is a sheet you really love, buy in multiples, as you never know what could happen.

Here are some sheets that I love from Land of Nod!

5. Sheet Savers

Yes, another waterproof item for your crib, but this one fits over the sheets.

I initially started out with a much smaller sheet saver, and then my baby had an accident in the crib during the first few months.  I realized I needed a much larger one if I planned on actually “saving” my sheets.


See how the sheet saver sits on top of the sheets? This iLuvBamboo product has been so helpful with crib accidents.

I am very happy with thisiLuvBamboo product I found (I’m a big fan of anything this company sells!), as it’s soft and definitely remains true to being waterproof.  Besides just the sheets, the sheet saver has also protected me from several different loads of laundry!

6. BreathableBaby Mesh Crib Liner 

The crib liner was something I didn’t register for, but later found I needed once my baby started to roll.

After using the BreathableBaby Mesh Crib Liner, I love that it’s safe for your baby and provides a cushion against the sides of the hard crib.  It’s definitely the best crib liner on the market!


I breathable crib liner is a must!

I wish I would’ve bought this crib liner in the beginning.  That way, I wouldn’t have had to make an emergency baby store run.  I couldn’t even wait a day for Amazon Prime shipping because he kept waking himself up!

7. Crib Skirt(Optional)

The crib skirt is optional, but, as I suggested in my post regarding maximizing space in your nursery, having a crib skirt would ensure the use of space under the crib for storage.  It also adds texture or color to your crib, as the crib is really the center point of the room!

Once again, before washing, make sure everything fits the way you want it to. 

Noticeably Missing from my List: Crib Mobile


Baby mobiles are NOT an essential crib item, especially if you want to practice good sleep skills with your little one!

Before baby arrived, I looked desperately for a crib mobile!  I wanted something that didn’t take away from my chic décor, but also didn’t cost a ton of money.

After I did some reading about crib mobiles, I found they are actually not recommended. Basically, you don’t want your baby to think it’s play time…. You want them to get down to business, and actually sleep.  Just like that, my search was over!

You Have What You Need

So, that’s it…These are the 7 pieces of the best crib gear you’ll need to add to your registry for a complete sleep space for your new baby. Use this list as your guide by sharing or pinning it for later use.  Or, you can start purchasing or adding to your registry now, by following the provided link!