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Need baby shower registry tips? Don’t we all! Registering for your newborn in the age of the internet and concierge baby stores is a daunting task, especially when it comes to baby clothes. It seems like there is a piece of clothing for everything, and you don’t even know what that “everything” entails yet.  Not to mention, you are going to receive many repeat items at your baby shower, that you may not even be on your registry.

Coming from a real-time modern mom who had hundreds of items on various registries and four showers (yes, four- that’s a story for another time)… I can totally relate. So many registries that I even created one checklist to give to my readers for FREE!


Not only are there millions of different types of baby attire out there, but many are from competing brands that essentially perform a similar task, but in a more effective manner.

I’m sure you’ve Googled the crap out of suggested clothing and read entirely too many reviews and lists, but are still left somewhat dazed and confused… Kind of to the point that you are ready to put EVERY piece, size, and shape on your registry to just deal with it later!  It’s okay… I’ve been there too.

I am not a minimalist in any sense of the word, and, as a true soon to be modern mom, you probably aren’t either.

My mindset was, if he needs it, I have it, and if he doesn’t need it, I’ll just return it- you know, with all the extra time I’ll have to return things once baby has arrived. As a result, I ended up with so much clothing for my spoiled rotten child, that I have two different items that do the same thing!

So, which ones do you really need or which are you going to receive a ton of at your shower, anyway? Is there one, in particular, that does the job better, or should you scrap an item altogether? 

Please, let my neurotic pre-baby shopping lead you to less confusion and less returning and exchanging.

Here are my top baby shower registry tips when registering for this and not for that- clothing edition:

Baby Shower Registry Tip #1

Don’t Register for That 

Baby Mittens

Most moms will agree that baby mittens suck.  Actually, they’re absolutely awful, and you’ll probably receive some from your guests even if they aren’t on your registry!

They’re made for the purpose of blocking your baby from scratching themselves, but what’s the point if they always fall off.  Literally, ALWAYS.  If you are looking to start a new business, go into the baby mitten making industry because the existing one can’t do their freaking job!

Please don’t waste your time or registry space!

Register for This Instead

Clothes with Fold Over Mittens/Cuffs

After reading about the issues with baby mittens, I ended up with a solution: buying outfits with built-in mittens, also known as cuffed sleeves. This way, you can easily cover your baby’s hands so they don’t scratch themselves without involving an extra piece of clothing that can (and will) fall off.


Carter’s sells great basic items with fold over cuff sleeves, seen here.

There are a couple baby brands that have caught onto this more effective, design: Carter’s & Rosie Pope.  Here’s a rundown of each one.

I love Carters clothing!

Carters makes most of their long sleeve bodysuits and pajamas with fold over cuffs.

I like the quality and feel of their clothing, even after it’s been washed a billion times!

Carters clothing seems more true to size than Gerbers, which tends to be super narrow and shrinks a lot after washing.


One problem with this brand is the built-in cuffs are only available in their preemie, newborn sizes, and some 3 month sizes on particular styles. Unfortunately, your baby can scratch themselves well past this stage or may never even fit into these sizes, so make sure to check the details when purchasing online or find a Carter’s outlet store near you!

After scouring the internet, I found that the Rosie Pope brand also features fold over mittens on much of their clothing as well.


You can get folder-over cuffs in all different sizes, not just newborn!

Rosie Pope designs are super unique and fun!  I get compliments on these outfits all the time.


Her PJs (also called sleep and plays or coveralls) are button ups, which are not the most practical design for a new mom, but the patterns are just so stylish and fun, they’re hard to resist!


Rosie Pope makes super cute fold over cuff sleeves in many sizes and patterns.

From one new mom to another, buy baby clothes with fold over mittens to make your life just a tad bit easier!

Baby Shower Registry Tip #2

Don’t Register for That

Traditional Bibs

Your baby will be a drool bucket, and therefore, need protection for their clothes making a bib necessary. Many will jump to the traditional bib for help.  The problem with the old-school bib is that it’s just not cool to wear anymore and you will probably receive a ton from gift givers anyway!  I ended up with about 50 traditional bibs altogether, none of which were on my registries.

Although they will come in handy when baby starts eating (sort of), and I’m very appreciative, you’re a modern mom, and you definitely need to find something more fashion-forward for your drool monster to wear when they are out and about.

Register for This Instead

Bandana Drool Bib

Chances are your baby will be the subject of many impromptu social media posts, and, therefore, they need a signature style!  That’s why I love the Bandana Drool Bib as a substitute for the traditional ones.


These bandanas are not only hip and practical

They also serve as a unique fashion accessory you can add to any outfit whether you have a boy or girl!

There are tons of fun styles and colors available. I went a little bandana drool bib crazy and probably own close to 30 of these.


Although I really enjoy most of these bibs, they will be washed often, and I’ve found that some of the black color fades quickly. So beware!

baby shower registry tips

Baby Shower Registry Tip #3

Don’t Register for That

Baby Gowns

Recently, more companies have started to sell baby pajamas that are designed as a gown, with an open bottom.  They claim it will be easier to change your newborn’s diaper in the middle of the night!

First, if you’re new to changing baby diapers, it’s never really easy.

Second, they’re going to be awake whether you are changing their diapers or not.

Third, they won’t be asleep if their legs are freezing, as this clothing item loves to creep up throughout the night.

In other words, don’t register for baby gowns.  They are a waste of money.  Check out my son in one of them.  Yes, unfortunately, I didn’t read a list like this before making all these purchases, so I was duped.

Register for This Instead

Sleep Sacks and Swaddles

Chances are, your newborn will like to be swaddled up during sleep time.  They have these reflexes they cannot control outside of the womb, and flailing body parts are a big cause of constant wake ups.

Also, according to my newborn baby bible, The Happiest Baby on the Block, Dr. Harvey Karp says a good swaddle can get a baby to calm down when they are feeling out of control!

Of course, there are so many different sleep sack swaddles and swaddle blankets on the market.  Yes, it may take a little more work to get to that diaper, but your baby will be wrapped up nice and snug like they are back inside mother’s womb.  This feeling can lead to longer sleep sessions and a lot less crying for both you and your baby!

Our favorites were traditional swaddle blankets (follow the link to one of my favorites!), but we also used the popular Halo Sleepsack Swaddle for a time.  We found the blanket worked the best to calm him down, and the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle was best for night time.

I must say in good conscience that we had to stop using the sleepsack when our baby started kicking his legs more, around 2.5 months. Unfortunately, his feet would get caught in the extra fabric and led to ingrown toenails!  I don’t think this issue is common, though.

Quick Tip:  Eventually, you may have to transition your baby out of a swaddle, as they get older.  The Zipadee-Zipwas the BEST product for our baby, when dealing with this issue!  Click here to learn about my adventures with the swaddle transition and a more thorough review of the popular Zipadee Zip.

For more information on tricks to get a newborn to sleep, check out my post here!  It won’t hurt to be an over prepared mom, especially in the baby sleep department.


A happy baby is a swaddled baby. My baby shower registry tips definitely include swaddles and sleepsacks!

Baby Shower Registry Tip #4

Don’t Register for That


One of my many baby shower registry tips, stay away from socks! Similar to the baby mittens, socks are another awful product made by people who either don’t have babies or have babies that literally don’t move, ever.

Baby socks never stay on your baby’s feet.  Months later, I’m still finding little socks in the crevices of my car and couch cushions.  Yes, obviously, you will need socks, but I would buy just a couple kinds from Gerber or Carters and wait to try them out with your baby before stocking up.

You will also receive over a dozen pairs of off registry socks from shower guests anyway!

Register for This Instead

Sleep and Plays

In my opinion, sleep and plays are the ultimate baby attire and an answer to the sock problem.

It’s all in the name because in this outfit, your baby is ready to sleep AND play!  Perfection.

Another reason why I love them, they are basically footie pajamas.  No MIA socks for the win!

Diaper changes are a lot easier in this outfit as well; No need to deal with a onesie, pants, and socks combo.

Try to find zip-up sleep and plays, as they are much simpler to deal with than 25 different buttons.

I love the Carters Sleep and Plays, as they make great zip-up rock and plays for an affordable price.

For an edgier, more child of a modish look, my son rocks the cute prints and patterns from the Rosie Pope Sleep and Plays.  Although they are button-ups, the prints are too cute to pass up.

My Baby Shower Registry Tips in a Nutshell

Registering for a baby you’ve never met is an overwhelming experience.  There are so many products available, it’s difficult to make all the right decisions.  Use this baby shower registry tips list to guide you towards registering for this and not registering for that, so you don’t make some of the same mistakes others do!  Fold-over cuff baby clothes, drool bandana bibs, non-digital bottle warmers, and sleep and plays will make great additions to any baby registry. Looking for a baby registry checklist with all the essentials? Sign-up below to receive yours direct to your inbox!