As a first-time mom, you’ll learn something—there are a ton of uses for coconut oil, and those coconut oil uses for baby and you solve everything.  It’s freaking amazing.


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Before baby, I never even thought about this substance. In the weeks following my little prince’s arrival, I discovered my new-found love.

I would write an ode to coconut oil if I had the time, but hopefully, this post will suffice!

Yes, I know, I sound borderline creeper status here, but seriously, after scouring the internet for answers to problems both my baby and I were having, I found that coconut oil always seemed to be the solution to my problem.

So how can you use this natural product to help you and your newborn?

Here are four coconut oil uses for baby and you that will save your life during new momhood:

1. Cracked Nipples:

Sad face… cracked nipples suck!  People said breastfeeding was going to be hard, but no one said it was going to ridiculously difficult AND painful.

Make yourself a little less uncomfortable with some coconut oil.  I applied it to my nipples continuously throughout the day, especially after a hot shower.

The oil will help soothe those bad boys, and organic versions are safe for your baby.

For other ways to find relief while breastfeeding, check out my post about the breastfeeding essentials every new mom needs to own.

2. Diaper Rash:

Your little one’s skin is super sensitive and will have cracks and crevices that doesn’t see much air.  There are ways to avoid diaper rash, but these things just happen.

No, you are not a neglectful parent, even though you’ll feel like it the first, second, third time a diaper rash happens…. Okay, I kind of feel like that every time a rash occurs!

Long-standing diaper rash issues usually leads to the yeast monster, so you want to catch the problem in the very early stages.

Coconut oil has compounds that can help protect against skin infections. So, you can use it to later all over that little lima bean shaped booty when changing a diaper!

Although, in this case, coconut oil was not our cure, I liked that I was able to try out something I already had on hand prior to buying expensive diaper rash creams.

Coconut oil uses for new mom and baby are numerous, healthy, and natural.

3. Cradle Cap & Dry Skin:

Somehow your baby may form a layer of dry skin on their scalp, commonly referred to as cradle cap.  I’m not a doctor, so I’m not going to explain why or how this happens, but I do know that I’ve used coconut oil can help fix it! 

Once I saw my little baby was getting this strange dandruff, I started combing that oil all over his head.  Yes, your baby will look like a greaser, but it’s either that or flakes!

I would leave the oil on for awhile and then wash it away with a couple of baths. Warning– It is hard to get off.

I also bought a nice soft brush to help with smearing the coconut oil to his scalp.  Such a posh gift for baby grooming, but I love it! Here’s the brush I purchased through Amazon that made the application more effective.  The brush is super soft too, which is a major plus in making bathtime more enjoyable for your newborn.

To see more of my favorite grooming items, specifically for baby’s bath time, check out my post here.

4. Baby’s Food Sensitivities:

If you have chosen to breastfeed, your baby eats much of what you eat.  Pray that they do not have food sensitivities, but more often than not with my breastfeeding mama friends, babies do.  This issue is especially true in the beginning stages of their lives while their digestive system continues to develop.

I have to be honest, at first, I didn’t believe in all this foo foo “watch what I eat crap” until my little one started to have regular bowel movements with blood in it.

According to my pediatrician, the most common foods that can upset your baby’s tummy are dairy and soy.  It’s too bad that it seems like literally, EVERYTHING contains these ingredients.

If you have to cut out dairy and soy, it’s tough.  I can safely say I was probably the only one in my family who lost weight over the holiday season—huge plus!

The good news is that coconut oil can serve as a substitute for recipes that call for butter.  So, you may be able to have your cake and eat it too!

But please, use a different jar of coconut oil from the one on your diaper changing station!

Although there are many other coconut oil uses for baby and you, these are the ones I have firsthand, real-time mom experience with.  Try it out for cracked nipples, baby’s cradle cap & dry skin, diaper rashes, and a substitute for food that baby is sensitive to.

What other coconut oil uses for baby and you have you found as a mom?  Comment below with your successes and don’t forget to share this article with other new mamas!