As moms, it seems we’re always sharing special moments with our friends and families. When I do, I like to share mine in a big way, with Basic Invite. Basic Invite is an online stationery company, offering a unique selection of prints for every occasion. From baby showers to birth announcements to HS graduation invitations, you can take advantage of truly customizable templates while enjoying easy ordering, purchasing, and sending services.


Here’s why I love Basic Invite:

Super Customizable Templates

Modern moms know exactly what they want, so having control of your card down to the smallest detail is important when making lifelong memories.

The biggest reason Basic Invite totally rocks is how adaptable each design is. After choosing your template, you can mix and match each element of the card using over 180 different colors that capture your specific style. This feature is so unlike other companies I’ve used in the past, many of which I’ve found very limiting for this very reason.  

So, if you’re searching for a HS graduation invitations template, you have the freedom to choose a design you like and match your child’s school’s colors, rather than scouring the internet trying to find the perfect one.

There are tons of HS graduation invitations to customize to fit your personal style!

You can further tailor your invites to include gold, silver, and rose gold foil for that extra sparkle!

Time Saving Elements

Moms are busy. We all know that. That’s why I find Basic Invite so appealing when I go to design cards for family and friends.

One major time saving element are their envelopes. Not only do they offer various color choices, but each envelope is peel and seal for quick and secure closure. If you must know, I have personally licked 100+ envelopes from other online stationery companies in the past. What a waste of time and taste buds!

Basic Invite’s address capturing service and free recipient address printing makes sending out cards easy for the busy mom.

Another efficient service offered by Basic Invite is address capturing. I love this modern feature! The service allows you to request addresses by simply sharing a link on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. Each address is saved and stored on your account for later use.

Basic Invite also offers recipient address printing at no extra cost! How much time would you have saved on holiday cards last year if you didn’t have to print and peel every address label? I know I would’ve saved a ton.

Try Before You Buy

Basic Invite is also one of the few online stationery companies that allows you to try out your purchase before you buy. How? They will send you a printed sample of the actual invitation you created so you can see how it will print and ensure quality prior to placing a final order. I wish more companies did this!

Receive a printed sample before making your final purchase.
Basic Invite is a Must for Moms

With so much to celebrate in mom world, the memories you create are important. Basic Invite allows you to create lasting moments that you can customize to fit your particular style. Basic Invite also makes the ease of purchasing and sending invitations simple for today’s mom.  From showers to birthdays to HS graduation invitations, Basic Invite has got it going on!

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