How important is a great sound machine for baby or toddler? Very. In fact, if you care about baby sleep, this tool is the tool you’ll need for a super effective naptime and bedtime routine. After much research, and two children later, I finally found one I absolutely love: The Hatch Baby Rest.\

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Before you find out why the Hatch Baby Rest is the best sound machine for baby and toddler, let’s discuss why you need this valuable piece of equipment.

When your baby is first born, they experience numerous changes. One of those major changes is how quiet life outside the womb. Your belly is like a 24/7 party for them- super loud and rowdy. So, a sound machine helps to ease baby into this big transition. In turn, the sounds will become a major calming force, specifically when it comes time to sleep.

Added to a great sleep routine for naptimes and bedtimes, a sound machine can also trigger your child’s brain to know the difference between rest and wake. When you want your kids to go to bed, this will be very helpful for their sleep and your peace of mind.

As the days progress, a sound machine will provide an optimal sleeping environment for your baby or toddler, as it will drown out other noises that could potentially wake them. Really, any noise can do the trick: a loud sibling, neighbors with barking dogs, road noise, the sound of a toilet flushing…Nothing worse than having a baby or toddler wake-up prematurely due to unexpected or unwanted noise.

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Now that we’ve covered why a sound machine is necessary for a baby and toddler, let’s talk about why the Hatch Baby rest is so incredibly awesome and why moms everywhere should be adding one to their child’s room.

Hatch Baby Rest App

Probably one of the coolest and most unique features of the Hatch Baby Rest is that everything can be controlled from an app on your phone. It’s the best. You can adjust the sound, light, control more than one sound machine, and create different timed settings depending on your need with the click of a button.

via Hatch Baby

If you have loud children or loud neighbors, this app feature rocks. I love that I can control the volume from anywhere in the house without having to disrupt my child’s sleep environment.

Sounds and Lighting Options

Another feature that makes the Hatch Baby Rest the perfect sound machine for baby and toddler is the variety of sounds and lighting choices available. The color options for the nightlight are endless, as you can even create a custom color to fit your child’s needs.

via Hatch Baby
via Hatch Baby

As for sounds, they vary from rain, white noise, wind, etc. My toddler prefers the “dryer sound” while my baby likes the sound of the crashing waves.

Easy Touch Start

To start your Hatch Baby Rest, all you have to do is preset the light and sound on your app and tap the top of the machine when you want to turn it on and off. So simple and streamline. My two-year-old helps with naptimes and bedtimes by starting and stopping our sound machine for baby brother.

Endless Settings

The Hatch Baby Rest includes numerous settings, as well. You can dim the light depending on your needs, set timers, let it run until you manually turn it off, and set different programs. These options are perfect if you have a toddler or are planning to use the sound machine until your baby becomes a toddler (further explained in the next section).

Grows with You from Baby to Toddler

As our children grow, many parents have issues with their toddler getting up out of their bed or calling for them throughout the night and/or early in the morning. For some parents this arrangement works, for others, a 4:30 wake-up call is not ideal.

via Hatch Baby
via Hatch Baby

Many parents opt to purchase an “okay to wake” alarm clock for their child. So, in addition to a nightlight and sound machine, now, there is another gadget to add to your collection.

The Hatch Baby Rest is unique because, with the programmable settings, you can create your own “okay to wake” clock, saving you from a future purchase. This option makes the Hatch Baby Restt the perfect sound machine for baby and toddler.

Modern Design

As a modern mom, we want our purchases to be functional and visually appealing. I love the sleek design of the Hatch Baby Rest, which will look Instagram ready no matter where it’s located in your child’s room.

via Hatch Baby
via Hatch Baby

For an extra cost, you can even purchase decorative sleeves for your Hatch Baby Rest! There are tons to choose from. See them here.

The Perfect Sound Machine for Baby and Toddler

With so many sound machines on the market, it’s hard to find one that will fit the needs of you and your family. The Hatch Baby Rest answers it all from easy controls to various sound and light settings to flexible programming for babies and toddler, this sound machine makes the perfect addition to any nursery or child’s room.

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This post contains affiliate links which means if you make a purchase using one of these links, I make a small commission. All opinions are my own. See my full disclosure here.