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Moms have been babywearing for centuries. Why? It’s a freaking lifesaver. Used for just about anything, baby carriers create a convenient and more efficient way for moms and dads to complete everyday tasks with a baby in tow. Need to grocery shop? No problem! Meeting friends at the mall? Do it! Getting out for a walk? Go for it! Since you can babywear pretty much whenever and wherever, it’s important you have the best baby carrier on the market for a safe, comfortable, and happy experience. Look no further for than the brand new Ergobaby OMNI 360.

The Ergobaby OMNI 360 is an updated version of Ergobaby’s 360 structured carriers. This carrier doesn’t just rock, it’s revolutionary! Ergobaby listened to user’s comments and made great changes to the original 360, while also including a number of features many seek out from other baby carrier companies— with a unique OMNI 360 twist.

Designed for the mom who wants to have it all from the start, the OMNI 360 is an all-in-one structured carrier fit for children 1 week-36 months, no infant insert required. The lack of an infant insert is a big change from the previous Ergobaby 360 design, that honestly, many did not like.

What else has me going “goo goo ga ga” over this carrier? The structured bucket seat. This feature is unique to the OMNI 360 carrier, and makes the switch from the newborn carry to front facing carry ten times easier than other carriers I’ve tried, even the popular Lillebaby Complete Airflow! (I’ll explain more below.)

Furthermore, the carrier is awesome because it can be worn in ANY of the four safe-carry positions. ANY OF THEM, which means:

  • newborn carry (baby faces chest)
  • forward facing (when baby can safely support head and neck)
  • hip wear
  • on your back (great for toddlers!

I love the OMNI 360 because it’s safe, cost-efficient, easy to use, comfortable, and practical while ensuring my mom style is still on point.  Who said mom can’t have it all?

I have a long history of trying to find the best baby carrier.  Back in my preggo days, I was that soon-to-be mom who wanted to babywear but didn’t know which to choose.  So, as the slightly neurotic millennial that I am, I got four of them. That’s right! I had an arsenal of structured carriers, wraps, and ring slings ready for the day I worked up the nerve to babywear for the first time! Okay, laugh all you want, but I was prepared for anything.

In hindsight, I wish I had started with my Ergobaby.  Why? Because this baby carrier is different.  This baby carrier is the one. It truly was love at first wear. So obviously, when I heard Ergobaby was launching the new OMNI 360, I was so excited to try it and share my experience with my mom tribe (along with an awesome discount!).

Below is an overview of the best baby carrier I’ve owned, the Ergobaby OMNI 360.  As a lover of babywearing and owner of many carriers, I want to give you my honest experience, to help you decide if you want to be the mom who has it all with the OMNI 360.

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best baby carrier

1. Safety

Coming from a new mom who stressed about putting her most precious item in the hands of a baby carrier, I can attest to the importance of safety when it comes to choosing the best baby carrier.  Ergobaby is one of the most trusted brands on the market. I have countless mom and dad friends that swear by Ergobaby products, so much, that I had to get one for myself!

I love the structured design and adaptability features of the OMNI 360. A newborn or toddler feels completely secure as the carrier’s adjustable straps conform to you and your baby’s size.   You can even adjust the leg width to better fit your baby’s needs (and cute baby thigh rolls!).

The various positions and design of the OMNI 360, makes it completely ergonomic for your baby’s shape and size. This guarantee is important, as you want your baby carrier to cradle your baby in a way that keeps their hip position safe, leading to the correct growth and development of your baby.

My favorite safety (and comfort) feature is the uniquely structured bucket seat that provides a great support and comfortable transition from newborn to front facing carry. The OMNI 360 offers tons of cushiony space while providing a more seat-like design when your child’s ready for the front facing carry (usually around 6 months).

This bucket seat cannot be found in other carriers, as many leave your child appearing awkward, legs dangling in the air, while the crotch area receives a lot of the pressure. At least, that was my experience with the Lillebaby, which I felt did not have enough support, making the transition from newborn to front carry much more difficult and limiting for me.

best baby carrier

2. Cost Efficiency:

As a new mom, I found that when it comes to baby stuff you get what you pay for. This belief holds true with the Ergobaby OMNI 360.  When shopping for the best baby carrier, it’s important to assess quality and longevity of an item, so you can make sure to get your monies worth, as the OMNI 360 is a bit pricey.

I love that the OMNI 360 can be used throughout your child’s entire babywearing life, from 1 week old to 36 months!  That’s huge! A lot of baby carriers, including wraps and slings, may only be good for the first few months or a short phase of baby’s life.

In saying that, the quality of the OMNI 360 has to be taken into consideration, as you want this to last through hundreds of wears.

Although I’ve had mine for a few months, the superiority and durability can be felt from the minute you take it out of the box.  My husband even made a comment about the carrier as he was helping me load it into the car.  For someone who doesn’t even notice that I’ve chopped 3 inches off my hair after a trip to the salon! The material is strong, yet soft, and the product is well made.

3. Ease of Use:

Babywearing can be a nerve-wracking experience for new parents, but it doesn’t have to be.  I can personally attest to these feelings, as some wraps and slings I purchased required lots of instruction and maneuvering.  Ultimately, these features caused me to give up on using them.

best baby carrier

In comparison, I love how straight-forward and easy to use the OMNI 360 is.  There is no crazy twisting, turning or wrapping needed here. No infant inserts to be wedged. No need to watch video tutorials over and over and over again to understand how to use it! A few quick practice runs and you’re good to go.

I tested the OMNI 360 on my toddler, whom I was back wearing for the first time.  I looked at Ergobaby’s provided pamphlet and watched one video to ensure I was going to do everything right. A little help from my husband, and that’s all it took!* We were off and away on our Sunday afternoon adventure.

*Anyone new to babywearing will experience a learning curve.  Please ensure you have help on hand for that first couple of wears.

Trust me, you will want an easy to use baby carrier for your first babywearing experiences, and the OMNI 360 is the best baby carrier for just that reason.

Another feature that makes your babywearing experience easier in the OMNI 360 are the crossable back straps, leaving no clips or hooks to worry about fastening. This is another unique feature of the OMNI 360 that many carriers do not have! I always hated having to deal with the back clasp when using the Lillebaby. Not only did I have to use it to adjust the fit and feel of the carry, but getting it on and off was a nightmare.

4. Comfort:

As a new parent, you are using muscles you haven’t used before.  I get it.  I worked out throughout my whole pregnancy, but no workout compared to the one my arms and back went through after baby got here. OUCH.  Babywearing should be a break for your body, and it definitely shouldn’t hurt.

I love each experience with the OMNI 360 because it takes the pressure off my arms and upper back while providing extra lumbar support for my lower back.  I felt completely comfortable babywearing for hours, and that’s how it should feel every time!

One huge factor in providing comfort to the wearer is the crossable straps mentioned above. These straps make the hold more secure and perfect for longer wears, such as hiking or walking.

5. Practicality:

New mom life is crazy… thought it was hard to clean before? Thought it was hard to work out before? What about grocery shopping?…. Well, it can get even harder with a baby! Good news: babywearing make these tasks much easier to perform as a new mom because you are hands-free but still close to your baby.

The OMNI 360 is perfect for “all terrain” because it’s a great fit for just about anything you need to do in your new parenting life. I’ve used the OMNI 360 for hiking on trails, taking long walks, cleaning up around the house, grocery shopping, and exploring the city together.  In the early phases of parenting, I even used my carrier as a calming and sleeping tool for my child.

I also love that the OMNI 360 even comes with a detachable storage pouch (change from the previous Ergobaby 360) perfect for carrying necessary items while you’re out and about.  I use mine for my cell phone, ID, and chapstick while I’m out hiking on the trails!

The uses of this carrier are seriously endless.

best baby carrier

6. Be a Cool Mom:

Modern mom’s everywhere are showing off their babywearing game.  Why? Because babywearing is cool, but only when wearing baby is done right. You definitely don’t want to look like a crazy, tacky tornado while strolling through the mall.

You need a baby carrier that compliments the personal style you already have! It’s important for a modern mom to continue feeling like yourself, but the transition is tough.  Thus, the OMNI 360 can complete any look you’re going for.

Furthermore, the carrier is cute and trendy, while coming in an array of neutral colors that match any outfit.  No crazy designs that could lead to a fashion color clash in the future!  Trust me, The OMNI 360 is perfect for the social media worthy pictures of you and your little one.

7. Make Dad Cool Too:

Modern dads are choosing to babywear more. I love it!  I have to admit, my husband’s hot scale goes up a few more points when I see him sporting a baby carrier.

You know what else is cool? Me time.  That’s right. With dad having the freedom to babywear, you, as a mom, have the freedom to do whatever you want! Why not choose a baby carrier that makes it easy for dad to adjust and change to his fit, but also isn’t some crazy weird pattern that makes him less likely to want to put that thing on during an outing? Once again, the OMNI 360 gives dad just that.  Easy to use and neutral colors that will fit for mom and dad.  Score!

best baby carrier

The Best Baby Carrier in a Nutshell

As a parent, baby wearing is absolutely necessary, so why not purchase the best baby carrier out there?  Be the mom who has it all with the Ergobaby all-in-one OMNI 360.  The OMNI 360 grows with your child from 1 week to 36 months, is cost efficient, made of a high quality material, safe & secure, easy to use & adjustable, comfortable & ergonomic, while complimenting any head to look.

It’s additions and unique features such as transforming to any four of the safe carry positions, a more structured bucket seat (perfect for transitioning from newborn to forward facing carry), crossable back straps with no fastening necessary, leg width adjustments, no infant insert required, and detachable storage pouch sets this carrier apart from all the others, even its own  predecessor.

The OMNI 360 is perfect for the mom-on-the-go who needs to run errands, workout, shop and clean the house while looking her best.

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Comment below on what you use your Omni 360 for in your new, crazy mom life.

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