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As a new parent, everything is more difficult, especially leaving the house with your baby. It’s actually a little scary! In the heat of the moment, it’s important that modern moms be prepared with the best baby stroller accessories to make on-the-go mom life easier.

Writing this post brings me back to a time I had plans for lunch with my aunt.  Between my baby’s morning nap, nursing him, changing his clothes and diaper, getting myself ready (sort of), and an unexpected potty mishap before heading out the door, it took me over two hours to finally get to my destination.

Upon arrival, I discovered my baby, had taken a MASSIVE dump that blew out all over his back—lovely.

Didn’t he just go before we left?!

Some days it’s enough to give up, get back in car, and head home.


Regardless of the added stress to get to places, as a domestic engineer, I find it important to at least attempt to leave the house once or twice a day.

Seeing and speaking to real people is important, even if it is just the butcher at the meat department of the grocery store. Don’t judge, my butcher has a lot of drama in his life!

With this goal in mind, there are some on the go items I started to use with my little one and would never leave the house without again.  These products seriously make the best baby stroller accessories, and, as a new or soon to be new mom, you shouldn’t leave the house with these either! best baby stroller accessories

Here is a list of my favorite baby gear for a quick stroller getaway with my little one:

1. For Diaper Changing on the Go: Mom’s Besty Luxury Changing Pad

New mom = crazy bag lady, and most of the stuff you carry around has to do with diaper changing.  Throughout the past few months, I’ve been able to consolidate this mess quite a bit with the help of my Mom’s Besty.

The Mom’s Besty is one of the best baby stroller accessories because it’s compact and practical, as it has a secure place for everything I would need in order to change Remy’s diaper while out and about, even the pad for him to lay on. It’s perfect if I’m going on a walk or stopping in a store and don’t need to bring my entire diaper bag to do it.

The Mom’s Besty can be clipped onto to your stroller or easily placed in a storage compartment included with the stroller you choose.

Pictured is the Mom’s Besty in action during our recent trip to Palm Springs. Yes, it was another explosive diaper. And yes, we are changing him on a concrete barrier.  Living that mom life!  Luckily, we had everything handy in our Mom’s Besty, which made things a tad bit easier.


2. For Dirty Diapers On the Go: Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bags

Although another diaper changing accessory, these Arm and Hammer bags are a favorite necessity I use for down and dirty baby business on the road.

These Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bags can be easily stashed anywhere on your stroller and are a must have for those unexpected, on the go emergencies.

The bags are also perfect for, “I’ll deal with this ish later,” and, since they’re lined with baking soda, you can leave the trash in your car.  The baking soda keeps it from smelling like curdled milk and farts when you get back from your errand.

3. For Shopping on the Go:Toogli Extra Large Stroller Hook

You may love your stroller, but many lack the amount of storage necessary for a mom on the go.

Sometimes, I have to actually cram items in the storage spaces of my stroller, only to have everything stuck together when I need it. That’s why I always create extra space with a Toogli Extra Large Stroller Hook.  This hook is one of the best baby stroller accessories I own!


One of the best baby stroller accessories I have is the Toogli Hook. Perfect for adding bags while shopping!

Usually, I’ll attach my own reusable bags to my stroller and fill them while perusing aisles.

4. For Organization on the Go: Ethan & Emma Stroller Organizer

While you’re out with baby, things can get crazy. There are items you need to be able to easily access.

After a couple instances of having to dig deep into the depths of my diaper bag, I realized I needed to get organized.

Eventually, I found the Ethan & Emma Stroller Organizer on Amazon.  It’s the bomb, and it’s CHEAPER than the brand name organizer that went with my stroller.


You can see how the organizer easily attaches to the handles of my stroller.  With the organizer, I don’t have to show up to lunch with a baby, a stroller, and a giant diaper bag!

Ethan and Emma use super strong Velcro that attaches perfectly to my stroller.  The organizer also has tons of practical compartments such as cup holders, a magnetized center console, and a mesh insert for your phone.

5. For Baby’s Protection: aden by aden + anais Car Seat Canopy

Until your baby can sit-up by themselves, you will need to attach the car seat to your stroller when heading out.  If you’re outdoorsy like me, a cover to protect your little one from various weather conditions is a must.

The Aden & Anais Car Seat Canopy Cover is a lightweight blanket that you can place over your car seat to keep the sun out of their eyes or block cold winds. 

But, what makes this an easy, on-the-go item?

There are button snaps on the canopy, so you can clip them onto the car seat handle.  Since it’s usually already attached, it’s one less thing you have to worry about while rushing out the door.


This car seat canopy is the best baby stroller accessory for a mom on the go.

This cover is also great to keep your baby out of reach from random strangers while running errands.  For more information about  other products to keep your newborn safe from germy people, check out my post here.

For a cover that’s perfect for colder weather, creates a darker environment for napping on-the-go and can double up as a nursing cover for breastfeeding in public, check out this stretchy and chic canopy made by Copper Pearl.

6. Snacking On-The-Go: Squeasy Gear Snackers Reusable Pouches


I recently added this Squeasy Snacker to my list of the best baby stroller accessories because I just discovered it and LOVE it while my little one are out and about.  This accessory is definitely for babies and toddlers that are a bit older and are eating solids.

So why am I so obsessed with the Squeasy Snacker? It makes healthy snacking on-the-go easier, it saves me money, it’s easy to wash, and it’s spill-free.

The snacker is perfect for homemade purees, applesauce, yogurt, and any liquids you want to try out.  I filled mine with yogurt I made in my Instant Pot (sounds so difficult, but the Instant Pot makes it SUPER EASY!).

All my child has to do is squeeze and suck in order to get the contents out.  He went from squeezing all the yogurt out of expensive store bought pouches or hitting the spoon away as I tried to give him yogurt in the morning, to eating 6 ounces a day!  It’s a perfect way to get those servings of calcium that are important to your child’s development.

For a more thorough review of Squeasy Snackers, see my post here.

Make Your On-The-Go Life Easier with These Best Baby Stroller Accessories

If you think leaving the house with a child is a handful or are preparing for a newborn, buy and try any of these best baby stroller accessories to make life easier.

I’ve included Amazon links at the bottom of the post so you can easily add the accessories you find the most beneficial to your outings to an Amazon shopping cart.  Enjoy!

If you already mom so hard, comment below with your favorite stroller accessories, and don’t forget to share this post with other moms to be!