As the slightly neurotic soon-to-be-mom that you are, I’m sure you’ve created an extensive new mom checklist, but have you thought enough about germs?  Not just the germs from the stuff you and your baby come into contact with, but encounters with strangers as well?

As the slightly neurotic soon-to-be-mom that you are, I’m sure you’ve created an extensive new mom checklist, but have you thought enough about germs?  Not just the germs from the stuff you and your baby come into contact with, but encounters with strangers as well?

Before I had my baby, I did not foresee this scenario being a problem, until it actually started happening. People are ruthless.

Seriously, I need you to picture this issue like a zombie apocalypseRandom people at the grocery store, CVS, Target, wherever, are like walkers ready to attack your baby with their germy, gross hands. They strike so quickly, you never even know it’s coming.  Right after it happens, you’re still in shock.

Unfortunately, you can’t be spraying these people down with Babyganics sanitizers, so how can you be a smart and prepared mom in order to safeguard your child against these people?

I’m sure you’re already equipped with reactionary tools to protect your baby from unwanted encounters, but you want to be Proactive Mom!

You’ve asked hospital visitors to get vaccinated.  You make grandmas wash their hands.  You keep your baby out of public places for at least the first two months of their lives.  You’ve worked so hard to keep them safe from germ exposure, so how can you continue to protect them from the strangers that insist on making contact with your little one while you’re out and about?

In my real-time experience, there are the four products I would add to any new mom checklist to combat against the germs of the walking dead:new mom checklist


1. Car Seat Cover Canopy and Nursing Cover by Copper Pearl

If you haven’t added a car seat canopy to your new mom checklist, you need to!  There are two different kinds I purchased, and I use both for different reasons.  Consider the Car Seat Cover Canopy and Nursing Cover by Copper Pearl your deftly fortified home during the zombie apocalypse of germs. 

Here’s why I love this canopy cover:

  • It’s super stretchy and fits tightly around any car seat, making your newborn difficult to get to by others
  • It works perfectly on a cold day, as the material is thick enough to block the outside chill.
  • The cover comes in multiple colors and super chic patterns, so there are many choices to fit your specific modern mom style.
  • It can double-up as a nursing cover, if you choose to breastfeed and cover in public

Copper Pearl Canopy at the grocery store! Where’s my child? Find out how I fixed this cart issue here

The Copper Pearl Canopy Cover is definitely a must-have if you plan to take your newborn out during those first few months and want to seriously detract contact with germy people.

2. aden + anais Muslin Car Seat Canopy

The aden + anais Muslin Car Seat Canopy is another discourager from stranger attacks and different type of canopy cover that I’ve purchased. This canopy fits loosely over your car seat, similar to the draping of a blanket.  It is better than a blanket, because you can easily secure it to your baby’s car seat with a few snaps.

Here are the reasons why this canopy rocks:

  • I have found this cover to useful against unwelcome strangers too!
  • The snapping feature is super convenient for quickly heading out the door, as I rarely need to remove this canopy. (For more products that can make baby on-the-go trips easier for you, check out my post here!)
  • Made with very breathable fabric for going out on a warm day.

The aden + anais canopy cover is an awesome, inexpensive way to keep your child draped during outings.  Whether it’s shielding from germs or the sun, this is my go-to item as a mom on-the-go.  And, trust me, this works way better than a blanket, so don’t even think about it!

3. Baby Carriers 

Although people have been babywearing for centuries, it’s recently become more popular and trendy!  Baby carriers make outings easier, but also makes your baby less accessible to strangers.  Seriously, when you have that little one strapped to your chest, there’s a lot less grabbing involved!

I have four different types of carriers.  I know, a little excessive, but I had no idea which one my baby would respond to.

In the end, I LOVE my Lillebaby Complete Airflow Baby & Child Carrier

Why is the Lillebaby Complete Airflow one of my absolute favorite carriers?

  • This carrier is easy to use for a new mom AND you do not have to buy a separate newborn headpiece like other brands require.  Less stress and less money to worry about.
  • It’s great for long wears, as I’ve used it for 4-mile hikes with my 17-pound child!
  • I love how easy it is to adjust, as well. Just pull the straps, and you’re good to go.

Another carrier my baby liked early on was the Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier

Here are some reasons why this wrap may be for you:

  • This is a wrap style carrier that doesn’t require tons of videos to figure out!
  • It is great for beginners and doesn’t overwhelm your baby, as this was the first and only carrier my newborn responded to.
  • My baby was so comfy he even fell asleep sometimes! (Added bonus!)

If you want to try a wrap, but are a bit dazed by how to actually use one, you should totally check this out and add it to your new mom checklist.

As a side note, I could not use carriers for the first 3 months, as my baby cried when being worn.  Therefore, I can’t speak to super teeny tiny babies and these carriers. If your baby doesn’t enjoy being worn, but you still need to get your mom butt to places like the grocery store and target, check out my post here for an item that helps to solve this problem!

4. Safety 1st No Germs On Board Sign

I’m still dying that I had to buy this. Although this sign looks ridiculous, and I refused to add this to my registry,  I actually needed it.

I should’ve added it to my new mom checklist from the start, and here’s why:

Sometimes, my child does not enjoy being covered.  The older he gets, the more aware of his surroundings he is, like he’s suffering from baby FOMO.  As a result, he’s susceptible to an attack from the walkers of the world.

Unless I literally hit their hands, with a display of impeccable reaction time, it’s hard to keep people away.

The outward attacks happened a couple times at first. In response, I would quickly wipe my angelic boy with a sanitary baby wipe. My final straw was when an old lady struck while I was changing his dirty diaper in Target.

My hands were completely full, and my poor child was left vulnerable to her wrinkly zombie-like touch. What really irked me this go around was what she said prior to grabbing my babies foot…“I know we’re not supposed to touch babies, but I just can’t help myself.”

Done… I’m freaking done!

I went home and ordered this Safety 1st No Germs On Board Sign to attach to my car seat and never looked back.

The best part…

  • The sign now makes people assume I’m crazy, and they stay away.
  • It’s 4 dollars!  Super cheap and it’s an easy mechanism to add to your new mom checklist.  Why wouldn’t you get this for your newborn?

Get To It, New Mom!

The outside world becomes a much scarier place when you have a newborn baby in tow.  Your maternal instincts are more in tune, as the fear of germs plague your outings.  Adding these suggested items to your new mom checklist will help you prepare for these intruders and keep your baby safe.

What else have you found to use as a weapon during the baby germ apocalypse?  As a new mom, how have you handled strangers who want to get close to your baby?

Comment below to suggest other new mom checklist items to keep undesirables away. Also, don’t forget to share this article with other new moms preparing for life with a newborn!

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