If you’re a parent, you’ve probably seen or heard of a kid’s program called Little Baby Bum. Known to us novices as LBB, the series depicts animals and children dancing and singing to various nursery rhymes.

Personally, I feel like I know this show inside and out, as it doubled as a babysitter for my toddler during my 16+ weeks of morning sickness with my second child. Laying lifeless on the couch, you begin to notice things in a very sinister way. After hours of watching, I began to think, WTF is the deal with Little Baby Bum?

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It wasn’t until model and TV show host, Chrissy Teigen, posted a picture of her child watching LBB on Instagram that I realized how far the reach of this show had become. Even the rich and famous were being subjected to the continuous singing and dancing. Diving into the comment section, I found that many of her followers had the same issues with the show I did!

After much thought, and lots of Roku streaming, here are my questions and flat out grievances for the insanity and kid craze known as Little Baby Bum:

1. Why Are There 80 Million Versions of Wheels on the Bus?

Probably the biggest questions on all viewers minds… why are there 15 different renditions of Wheels on the Bus in LBB land? WHY? I curse the day the Vehicles episode of Little Baby Bum was ever created on Netflix. Thirty minutes of a song on repeat is not only tortuous, it’s immoral and honestly killed my childhood love of this fun nursery tune.

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2. What Makes Super Pig So Super?

Why do they call Super Pig, ‘Super’? Is it because he has the most awesome dance moves ever? Seriously, have you watched that pig shake it? I really hope my son learns a thing or two from Super Pig so he can sport it on the dance floor!

3. Where’s the Diversity?

With over 18 billion views on YouTube and 15 million followers, I would love to see more races and ethnicities represented on Little Baby Bum. It’s important that the children watching can see themselves in their favorite songs and characters, while also seeing other children that look different than themselves. Give us more inclusion, LBB!

**I’ve heard the more recent episodes include more types of people! Love to hear it!

4. What Kind of Name is Jacus?

In Little Baby Bum there are some main characters, two of which are human. Out of these two humans, one is named Jacus. So incredibly random, don’t you think? Between teaching and traveling, I’ve heard many names in my lifetime, but Jacus is definitely not one of them. I’ve done some research and found that Jacus is a Polish name. Interesting, but for a child’s show it’s an odd choice to say the least, and one that I laugh at as my child learns words and one of his first is Jacus.

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5. Those Hot Cross Buns Look Bomb

I rarely want to reach out and grab animated food on TV, but those Hot Cross Buns on LBB look so good! No, I’m not high, but that chef on LBB really knows what they’re doing. Okay, so this is not necessarily a grievance, but maybe you’ve noticed it too? Please say yes, so I don’t feel so weird for admitting this.

6. Are You British or American?

Does anyone else detect an accent? Sometimes I hear American accents and sometimes I hear British accents. So LBB, what are you? Definitely not Madonna or Lindsey Lohan, so make up your mind or is this your definition of being diverse?

7. Super Pig Drives a Porsche

Super Pig is obviously a favorite of the show’s writers because not only is he super and has great dance moves, he drives a Porsche! What does Super Pig do for a living? He must be doing really well for himself.

8. Is Mia a Little Girl?

You would think the characters on Little Baby Bum are kids, but some things have me questioning if Mia is a little girl or not. Her hair and clothing seem kidlike, but there is one song where Mia jumps in and out of cars to drive them all around the countryside. Kids shouldn’t be driving around, especially in such treacherous terrain, so we’re made to assume she is at least old enough to drive? Mia, we want must know more. Are you a child who is severely breaking the rules, or a teenager with a driver’s license?

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9. Big or Small Confusion

Is anyone else as bothered by the Big and Small song? The song disproves itself constantly and is quite confusing for the mind of a 2-year-old to understand since the comparisons are all relative. For example, first they say the boy is big and the ball is small. Yes, compared to the ball, the boy is big, but within a few moments, people (including the boy) are called small compared to the size of the world. Well, what is it? Are people/boys big or small? Of course, as adults we understand each comparison is its own entity, but to a small child, it’s confusing. If the song was renamed “Comparisons” I would gladly accept it and move on!

10. Daddy Finger, We’re Over You

It’s been determined all over social media that parents hate Daddy Finger. It’s weird and insanely catchy. Human or Panda, we don’t want to hear it anymore LBB!

11. What Sound Does an Elephant Make?

It’s hard to reproduce the sound an elephant makes and Little Baby Bum upholds this statement by claiming elephants say pawoo. I’m not going to make my own elephant noise, but pawoo would not be the direction I’d go. LBB, NO ONE SAYS PAWOO!

12. What’s Wrong With The Animated Bunnies?

In one LBB song the animated bunnies look insane. I call them meth bunnies. Their eyes are wild and crazy and they hop around like they have endless energy. If you’ve never noticed this too, I’d be surprised. Let’s use the same graphic skill level used to make the hot cross buns on these poor bunnies.

LBB, You’re Actually Alright

Joking aside, Little Baby Bum is not all bad. The show has gotten my son and me through some rough times. Whether it be at home, in the car or on an airplane, my son loves LBB and has even learned a few things along the way. Some of the first words he said and first dance moves I witnessed were because of Little Baby Bum, which says a lot.

So, thanks LBB for all the good times and bad. I owe you one.

What else do you think is funny about Little Baby Bum? Comment and share!

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