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Are you a pregnant millennial? If so, in true Generation Me fashion, you’re probably a little worried about your life being over after baby. Don’t worry!  Your life is NOT over, but you will have much less time to do stuff you want to do unless it involves your baby.  That’s why it’s important to make the most of these last few months by completing the Ultimate Millennial Mom’s To Do List Before Baby!

So how can you take time to enjoy the moments where life is still just about YOU?

Closer to my due date, things got dangerous around my house. I was in full-blown nesting mode- millennial style, filling my days with Google searches, online shopping, Pinterest chic nurseries, making sure my registry was on point, and everything in-between.


Looking back on the last few months of my once childless life, there are certain actions I took that make me think, “Thank God I did that before baby!

To help service my fellow Generation Y-ers, here is the ULTIMATE Millennial Mom’s To Do List Before Baby! And, you’re welcome.

1. Make Time for Yourself… Duh

In a little while, a tiny human is going to rely on you for everything.  There won’t be as many occasions for “me time” as us millennials love so much!

When you do have a baby, time to yourself usually involves lame things like eating, showering, and maybe shaving a leg or two. 

Do yourself a favor now during your pregnancy and slow down!  Relax. Lounge. Netflix the day away. Eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream!  But don’t you dare feel the least bit guilty about it.

In hindsight, I’m really happy I took super long baths, read for fun, ate a bunch of carbs, and binged watched all five seasons of Breaking Bad.

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy these moments to yourself, while you can!

2. Get Yourself Looking 100 Right Before Baby Arrives


In the words of Fergie, “Hair and nails on fleek.”  But, seriously, she’s a mom… she knows how important looking fabulous is.

After your baby is here, it will probably be awhile before your eyebrow becomes two again and those roots are taken care of, so make sure you take the time to look stunning in all those hospital photos that you know will surface on social media!

I pushed my hair appointment close enough to my due date, to ensure my hair would be looking on point, well into my new mom life.  I also got my nails done and eyebrows waxed, because, trust me, when you feel like a gigantic whale (a killer one, at that), pampering will be needed.

And, don’t worry!  When your baby gets more accustomed to life outside of the womb, you can totally cart them into your waxing appointments.

3. Hire Professional Cleaning Services

As your bump gets bigger, you’ll be way too pregnant to get down and dirty with cleaning, so, like the millennial you are, hire people to do it for you!

I did, with no regrets.

Blame it on nesting hormones, but I was so happy to have the house professionally cleaned from top to bottom and the carpets and couches soaped up.

Yes, eventually spit up and other ish will end up everywhere, but don’t you want it to feel fresh for your newborn?

4. Finish Thank You Notes

 It may be a lot of work, but show people millennials are gracious by getting all of your Thank You notes from shower gifts finished and in the mail before baby arrives.

Although I pushed myself (I had four showers!), I honestly can’t imagine trying to do to write these in my “spare time” after he was here.  It’s also kind of awkward sending a Thank You note months after the gift was given and may not seem as genuine!

Check out these SUPER CUTE Thank You notes from Amazon.  I love the fun fonts and the chic envelope.

5. Create Mailing Labels

While writing Thank You notes, it may be a good idea to compile a list of all the address you need for future baby announcements and any other correspondence you may have before and after baby.

Here’s where your millennial tech-savvy, educated, problem-solving skills come into play!

Although time-consuming, I typed or copy and pasted each address, as well as my return address, on Avery Label templates using the Avery Easy Peel Address Labels. When the baby announcements were ready, all I had to do was stick the labels one and send them off.

I also used these same addresses for Christmas Cards & Birthday Invites.

The effort it took while I was pregnant, paid off after baby was here because I didn’t have to hand write a million addresses. 

For the return address stickers I used, click here.

6. Plan a Babymoon… or Two!

With all this “me time” during your pregnancy, it’s important to make time for your significant other, as well. 

My husband and I decided to plan a mini getaway to celebrate our last hoorah of being a no kid, double income family.  Although I had to wait for the morning sickness stage to subside and was suffering from terrible reflux, I’m glad I pushed my pregnant self to get on a plane and get out of town.

To make the most of your Babymoon, use TripAdvisor to help with finding fun things to do and cool places to see!  TripAdvisor has led me towards some of the best spots I would have never known existed otherwise.

If you don’t have a significant other in this new generation of baby making, opt for girl’s trip instead!  It’s fun to have your bump celebrated by other ladies, drink virgin cocktails, and shop for cute outfits too!

Or…. DO BOTH!  It won’t be this easy to travel, ever again.

7. Girl, Finish that Nursery 

If your nursery isn’t done, use whatever energy you have to complete that room. Order from Etsy, Pin your heart out, and Prime the day away, but, girl, finish that nursery.

It will be fun to see your newborn in there for the first time and makes for some great social media photo opts! Also, visitors to the house are always dying to see what you’ve done in there, so make sure it’s ready to show off!

For fun ideas for wall decor or maximizing your nursery space, check out either of these posts for inspiration!

8. Buy Nursing Attire (If You Plan to Breastfeed)

Millennials always need to dress the part. If you plan to nurse, you need proper clothing to do so. Your to do list before baby should definitely include as many comfortable nursing options as possible. To start, focus on apparel that you can wear around the house, since you probably won’t be going too many places at first.

I struggled a lot with nursing my newborn, so having comfy clothes that also made his breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the millions of other meals in between, quickly accessible made life a little easier.

For a few suggestions on some pieces that I love to wear around the house, visit my post on my favorite nursing attire here. Start trying things on now, so your wardrobe is ready to go beforehand.

To check if you have all you need for breastfeeding success, see what I used to breastfeed my son for one year here.

9. Create Lists for Hospital Stay

We millennials love to research, and we love lists.  Why do you think BuzzFeed is so successful?  Start researching what you should pack, and how to make the most of your hospital stay after baby is born by creating your own lists.

I created a checklist for what to pack, and worked on getting my must-have items together in a suitcase.

News Flash: You may not end up using half of the things you packed, but at least you’re prepared for whatever comes your way!

Unfortunately, I was so worried about the actual act of birthing a baby, I hadn’t thought much of my three-day hospital stay.

If you want to make the most of that time, check out one of our most popular posts, the five things I’m happy I did at the hospital after my little man arrived for preparation.

10. Communicate a “Going into Labor” Plan

If you do not have a planned delivery, it’s important you discuss with your partner, family member, or friend what needs to happen the day you go into labor.  Things are a lot different than our Generation X moms or Baby Boomer grandmas, so it’s good to think about what YOU want to do!

As a first-time mom, you have no clue what to expect.  As a result, when you do go into labor, you may not be thinking clearly. That’s why it’s good to have a clear course of action in advance.

Include “me” things in your plan too, like: shower, shave legs, put on full make-up, eat a giant burrito… whatever you need to do to keep yourself occupied while you’re timing out those contractions on your app!

11. Buy Every Piece of Baby Gear Out There

A quality common among millennialist- we know how to freaking shop! This description cannot be more true for buying baby gear. So obviously your to do list before baby must include from retailer therapy!

There are so many awesome products available to the millennial generation. These items are designed to solve a problem our moms faced, so our lives can be easier! Take full advantage, and get it all…

Narrow down the places you want to register and start some online lists.  Keep your gear until baby arrives, and return what you don’t end up using.

Most products you end up buying will make your mom say “Oh, brother!” then turn around saying she wished she’d had it!

Check out my free downloadable modern mom baby registry checklist for some awesomely shameless millennial generation baby gear that you’ll love!… or just get it below!

Quick Tip:

If you’re a soon to be mom who doesn’t have Amazon Prime.  You need it ASAP!  An annual fee of $99 is worth it’s weight in baby tears and sleepless nights.  In other words, you’ll need two-day free shipping.

Doing Your Millennial Mom’s To Do List Before Baby Done Right 

Mom life is much different than your life before baby, especially if you’re a millennial.

You should make the most of your childless, pregnant days by embracing the Generation Me stereotype. Use this ULTIMATE Millennial Mom’s To Do List Before Baby, to inspire your pre-baby must-dos.

Also, share this article with other soon to be millennial moms who would appreciate the help!