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I suffered from an obsessive-compulsive disorder related to creating the best baby registry. Most modern moms do. In my cuckoo pregnancy dreamland head, my registry was flawless, built upon hours of Amazon searches, reading blog content, and weekly stalking sessions of the Buy Buy Baby registry consultants.

Maybe I just described you.  And, if I did, you probably didn’t envision needing anymore items than the hundreds you have carefully selected throughout your pregnancy.  Right? Well, I hadn’t either, until my sweet, monster child arrived.

As my new little bundle of blow out diapers and spit up continued to put me through the paces, I realized there are numerous issues I never foresaw happening.  How could I?  I’m a first-time mom!

Most of my problems have led me into a full-fledged investigation, in which I desperately keep telling myself, there’s gotta be something for this.

As I pray to the Google Gods while scouring the internet during a nursing sesh, I have found there is something for that!

These are the 3 best baby registry items I could not believe I needed once baby arrived, but am ecstatic exist on this planet. 

1. Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

As a new mom, going on your first, big outing with baby is scary.  You gotta do it, though! My initial trip out with baby was to the grocery store.  It was a major “pray for me” kind of moment.

I thought the worst part would be my baby deciding to go into full blown meltdown mode, in which I would be forced to drop the carton of almond milk I was holding and flee the scene. Although the meltdown did happen, (and some fleeing!) I found the worst part of my new grocery shopping situation was how to fit a week’s worth of items into a cart where my newborn baby now took up residence with his giant car seat… That freaking car seat.


Me grocery shopping for the first time with my newborn!

As I ever so carefully placed cold packages of raw meat around my precious baby boy, I thought to myself, there’s gotta be something for this.

Enter, Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock.


One of the best baby registry items I didn’t know I needed…. The Binxy Baby!

As shown, the hammock securely fastens to top portion of shopping carts. Valla, you now have full range of your cart space and room for more groceries. I swear this hammock gets more attention than my baby.

2. BabySteps Electric Nail Filer 

I have to admit, I was terrified to deal with my newborn’s growing nails. I know… mom pushes out 7-pound baby, but is too scared to trim his nails.

One day, I finally worked up the nerve to trim those suckers! Grabbing the baby nail filer, I set out to get my son’s nails on fleek. After about one half of a nail, I realized nail filing A. gross and B. GROSS. Ugh, that sound!

Once again, the millennial age Nancy Drew in me set out on a quest for something that could make this necessary situation easier.  Alas, a company makes something for this, and it’s called BabySteps Electric Nail Filer. I am seriously an infant nail technician now, and I won’t ask you if you want a flower on painted on your big toe or your upper lip waxed.

The file is electric with different attachments for each stage of your child’s life.  The efficiency of this piece of equipment, makes the process quick, easy, and painless for you and baby.

For more of my favorite grooming products for baby’s bath time, read my post here.

3. Lullababy Portable Bassinet Changing Station

Overnight travel with your new bundle is stressful, especially the first time. You’ve made your list, packed accordingly, but have you thought out every part of the day… especially what you need in the night?

Picture it:

Your baby already hasn’t been sleeping well because they’re in a new location, which essentially means you aren’t sleeping well either.  Baby wakes.  It’s time for a diaper change.  You pull them out of their sleeper, attach the changer to your ultra-cool pack and play and get to work.

Things are going smoothly until… what’s that?  Why’s it wet? Yikes, your cute little traveler has decided that NOW is the time they want to spray pee everywhere, and it’s all over where they’re supposed to lay.  Great!  Lights go on, cleaning ensues, and getting that baby back to bed will be near impossible now.

Scary thought, right?  Well, after many peeing incidences with my newborn, this visual was not far from reality.  Planning our first overnight vacay, I realized we were lacking a separate changing area, that wasn’t apart of their bed. Of course, I thought to myself, someone must have invented something for this.

Luckily, the Amazon world heard me, because someone had!

The Lullababy Portable Bassinet Changing Station has been a travel blessing!  Some features I love that make traveling easier: sturdy, safe walls, compartments for easy access to changing accessories, and it’s collapsible. This thing even doubles up as a diaper bag! Done and done… diaper changing while traveling made easier.



The Lullababy Bassinet has been one of the best baby registry items I didn’t register for! Great for a nice changing station while on vacation!

Add These Best Baby Registry Items to Your List… Because Now You Know You Need Them!

Putting together the perfect list of registry products is near impossible before baby. Although you may not have thought of everything, it’s okay… chances are they make something for that, and it’s out there to make your life easier!  Please, let this list of the best baby registry items you didn’t know you’d need serve a starting point for the random things you’ll find yourself buying once your baby arrives.

And, if your baby is already here: You’re welcome.

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