Are you a soon to be mom who is dying to stay fashion forward and social media ready while sporting your super cute baby bump?  Most new moms are on the hunt for trendy maternity clothes, but, unfortunately, it is hard to find quality maternity wear that you don’t want to shoot yourself in.

trendy maternity clothes for soon to be moms

I remember when I first walked into a specialty maternity store… I looked around and thought, oh my gosh, these clothes look so….. mom.  I literally walked out in less than a minute and left feeling petrified.

Just because you’re going to be a mom doesn’t mean you have to dress like one, right?

After I did some more digging, I also discovered stylish and trendy maternity clothes are hard to find in stores, as many retailers don’t carry these particular items.

The internet became my best friend.

While clicking my pregnant life away, I found a few pieces of clothing for each part of my day, and, I have to admit, are so stylish AND comfortable that I still wore and continue to wear months after baby.

Since you’re a future mom of the modern age, you probably care about how you look as a pregnant woman, and you should!  

Use this list of some of my favorite maternity items for great starter pieces to accommodate different parts of your maternity wardrobe that are both trendy and comfy for your new bump!

Trendy Maternity Clothes for Everyday Wear:

1. Paige Jeans: Alanis Skyline Ankle Peg (—free shipping and free returns

Every pregnant girl needs a good pair of denim.  Lucky for you, Paige Jeans has the most expansive maternity selection I’ve found, and these styles definitely don’t scream “mom”!

My go-to maternity jean was the Alanis Skyline Ankle Peg.  Specifically, I liked how they forgave my new pregnant curves and were designed with real pockets. I know pockets don’t seem like a big deal, but most maternity pants don’t have any; it makes you feel like you’re wearing real jeans, like a real person.

I wore these pants throughout the entire pregnancy and a couple months postpartum.  The jeans are somewhat pricey, but you get what you pay for because after a million washes, I will still be able to wear them the next pregnancy go around (if there is one!).  Not to mention, trendy maternity clothes can come at a cost.

2. Paige Jeans: Transcend Skyline Skinny Maternity Jeans (

Click on the image to check it out!

Yet another awesome pair of maternity jeans brought to you by Paige Jeans.  The transcend fabric is soft and fits like a glove, making you feel sexy during this period when feeling good about yourself may be few and far between.

Although they don’t offer the real pockets like the Alanis Skyline Ankle Peg jeans described above, they do have a real zipper and button to fit perfectly under your baby bump.

These are great for a nice night out and an awesome pair of flats, boots, or heels!

Click the image above, and check out the reviews left by others to make your choice.  Don’t forget, if you don’t like them, you can easily return them for FREE.  Thanks, Nordstrom!

This is denim now. Explore the latest trends at NORDSTROM.

3. Paige Women’s Maternity Jimmy Short ( &

If you are pregnant during the warm months, a good jean short can be difficult to findI tried on many styles and brands of shorts and ended up loving the Jimmy Short Maternity Jeans that you can buy through Amazon or Paige Jeans.

Although these shorts do not have pockets like the jeans I mentioned above, the fit was perfect for my entire pregnancy. I also appreciated the length of these shorts, resting much lower on my thighs than other pairs I had tried on. Once again, a little pricey, but with Paige Jeans, you are paying for quality denim.

On the hunt for more Paige Maternity Jeans in different styles?  Check out more options here!

4. Electric Yoga Loose Tank ( free shipping on order over $100 & in store returns

This awesome top comes in two different colors and is made from a thick, stretchy material with overlapping fabric for your growing bump.

Since the shirts are designed to be flowy on the sides, they also easily hide side panels on maternity pants, a feature you’ll learn to love!

Typically, I wore these with leggings or shorts and also used them after my baby arrived.  The shirts are reasonably priced, but can look slightly worn after several washes.

5. LAmade Megan Over Belly Legging (

Leggings and pregnant woman go together like peas and carrots.  Unfortunately, finding the perfect pair for your body can be tricky! When leggings start to feel constricting on your growing baby bump.  Kind of defeats the purpose of them, right?


Luckily, I came across these awesome over the bump (otherwise known as full panel) leggings from Nordstrom Rack.  They aren’t the most beautiful things, but my bump felt free.

The fabric is a little see through, but I’m not a big fan of wearing leggings without a long shirt to cover my rear end anyway.

Trendy Maternity Dresses for Day and Night:

1. Maisie Maternity Maxi Dress ( free shipping and returns

Click on the image to check it out!

This maxi is a great, free flowing dress for daytime or nighttime.  Paired with a great sandal or comfortable wedge, your bump will feel unrestricted, while you also maintain your sense of style.

I specifically loved that the fabric was light and breathable for those warm summer days!

2. Maxi Ruffle Maternity/Nursing Dress (

Click on the image to check it out!

This maxi offered through Nordstrom, is a well-made dress that my bump was able to grow into.  I wore this for a day at the mall or a date night with my husband.  What else do I love about this dress?

It is also fit for nursing too, which is great for when you and future baby are out and about, well after your bump is gone!

This print is great for those warm fall days!  Pair it with a cute pair of ankle boots and a jean jacket.

3. Ingrid & Isabel Ruched Maternity Tank Dress (Nordstrom.c0m)

Click the image to learn more!

This dress is the PERFECT baby shower dress and totally fits in the category of trendy maternity clothes you need! OH EM GEE… it’s fully lined (this means there are two pieces of material to smooth out your curves!) and fabulous.  Image a Spanx for your entire body, because that’s what this does for you!

I’ll let you in on a secret: I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy. Ugh! I dreaded trying on dresses for my baby shower, until I slipped on this bad boy.  My curves were held in with the thick fabric and I felt like a million bucks– but it only cost $88 dollars!

4. Ingrid & Isabel Lace Dress (

Click on the image to see more!

Looking for that little black dress during pregnancy can be so difficult! Search no more, because this Ingrid & Isabel Lace Dress is beyond awesome and sexy! I love the super stretchy material that compliments your pregnant body by smoothing out any lines you may need to accentuate.

Trendy Maternity Clothes for Work:

1. Bi-Stretch Full Panel Ultra Skinny Pants ( free shipping on order over $50 & free returns

Ugh! I hated thinking that I would have to spend money on maternity clothes to still look professional at my day job.

Those of you who do have to wear business casual clothing understand how difficult it is to find good pants as it is, so times that by a million, and there’s your level of pain and suffering trying to find work pants while pregnant. 

I knew I wanted to find a pair that could grow with my belly, so I would not have to buy more later on in my pregnancy.

Vallah, Gap’s Bi-Stretch Full Panel Ultra Skinny pants were my answer!  The pants have a full belly panel that fits comfortably over your bump and provides the stretch necessary to follow you through your pregnancy. They are also super stylish and come in multiple colors and lengths.

Between three pairs of these and some dresses, I had a very workable attire for my professional life.

Trendy Maternity Clothes for Lounging & Sleeping:

1. Ingrid & Isabel Lounge Shorts (

Click on the image to learn more!

These maternity lounge shorts are great because they do not have an elastic waistband, leaving the wearer with no feelings of tightness around their baby bump! Rather, these shorts are equipped with just a simple drawstring, so you can tighten or loosen it depending on how much you’ve grown.

I still wear these around the house and will continue to do so.

I should mention that although I love the drawstring feature, it can easily fall out in the washer.  This effect is super annoying, but didn’t keep me from purchasing more, since they are so comfortable.

I usually just tie the drawstrings together to avoid the issue altogether. If the string does fall out, it’s pretty easy to get back in the shorts, just time-consuming.

2. Lightweight, Modal Sleep Nightie (

After a long day of clothes hugging my body, my thighs just wanted to breathe!  I loved this Lightweight, Modal Sleep Nightie from Gap so my body could feel free, especially after work.

A simple warning that these dresses are not the most attractive, but are made with a stretchy material that can grow with you throughout your entire pregnancy.

They were perfect to wear to bed and around the house.

Do What You Do Best as a Modern Mama & Get Shopping!

Whether you’re going to work, Netflixing at home, or heading out for a quick bite, a pregnant woman should try to look and feel her best!  Using this list will help efficiently narrow down trendy maternity clothes at all different price ranges.  Share this article with other pregnant chicas, to save them from hours of pointless online shopping!

For information on the best maternity retailers for more trendy maternity wear options, check out my post here!

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